Popular Korean Singer Talks About Her Battle Against Breast Cancer In Her Late Twenties

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Beloved Korean singer Suran opened up about breast cancer in a recent episode of MBC “Video Star.”

On April 16 episode of MBC “Video Star” fans were shocked to find out that Suran suffered breast cancer. She confessed,

“It’s been about four years since I had breast cancer. To be honest, I had surgery and currently, I don’t have on breast.

I went through that in my late twenties. It was really shocking to me. I was very girly but I feel that the feminine side of me decreased after that. I changed in a neutral gender way.

The way I dress and my attitude also changed and I was afraid that my fans would see me differently.”

When asked if she had relapsed she said that there hasn’t been any relapses and that she continuously does checkups, she also added that she takes good care of herself.

She also added,

“I can share this now because it doesn’t because I am managing it well and its not a bother for me anymore.”

Suran is currently 32 years old which means that she most probably underwent her battle against breast cancer when she was 28 years old.

My Thoughts

OMG, I am shocked!

She was 28 when she went through such a difficult thing?

Losing a breast is a big deal; a lot of people don’t realize how it affects women. Its part of what makes a woman and it’s okay to feel that way.

I am still shocked that she was diagnosed with it at such a young age, seriously guys, I hate cancer!

I am so happy that she’s over it and doing a lot better. I think it would be a good idea to get a breast implant but it seems that she’s happy with herself the way she is and honestly that is all that matters.

I have been listening to her for a while and the idol who introduced me to her was Zico, she sang in one of his songs. She also sings OSTs and I love love her voice, this is pretty shocking to me.


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