PENTAGON’s Hui Explains Why He Joined Mnet’s “Boys Planet” And How The Changed Group Dynamic Affected His Decision

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PENTAGON’s leader Hui, who debuted 8 years ago, revealed the reason why he tried to make a re-debut as a trainee Lee Hui Taek.

On Mnet’s “Boys Planet”, which aired on February 9th, Hui was shown undergoing a star-level test.

When asked why he appeared on “Boys Planet”, Hui said, “There were literally hundreds of reasons, but the biggest reason among them was that I needed a change.”

During the pre-audition, Hui said, “When I came back to the Pentagon after a brief hiatus, things had changed a lot, to be honest.” He showed tears while saying that.

He said, “It’s been hard even to work with the people I want. I think it was the first time I’ve been rejected so much,” he said, adding, “I was very upset because I thought, ‘We don’t have the charm to work together.’”, “There’s nothing I can do, whether it’s to the members or in this situation right now,” he said honestly.

Hui said, “It was not easy to overcome the ‘invisible wall’. “There is only one option given to me now, so I came here,” he said, explaining the reason for his appearance.

During the star-level test, Hui said, “Dance, singing, and my determination of what I can do with Lee Hui Taek, I intend to show my skills on stage,” he said. Along with this, he performed BLACKPINK’s “Shut Down”.

The masters shared their opinions on whether Hui will be an All-star. Dance master Baek Gu Young said, “While performing, the vocals were cut off,” he expressed his regret. Vocal master Lim Han Byul also expressed sympathy, saying, “There were many trainees who performed better.”

Another dance master, Lip J, said, “Trainee Lee Hui Taek is also sincere. He participated sincerely to receive a cold evaluation now.”

Rap master pH-1 said, “If I don’t give him all-star here, I wonder whom I should give ALL stars to. Isn’t his skill that good?”. Lim Han Byul also said, “It feels like the vocals covered up all the lack of performance. He did that well,” he praised.

In the end, Hui won the All-Star. Hui, who expected himself to be a three-star, not an All-star, said, “It was because of dance. When I took a video and saw myself, I thought, ‘It’s not so cool,’ and I’ll do my best to improve this point,” he said.

Mnet’s “Boys Planet” is an idol survival show, that premiered on 2nd February 2023.


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