The Shocking Reason Netizens Called EXO Chen ‘Shameless’ For His Surprise Appearance At Baekhyun Encore Stage

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Earlier today, Chen made a surprise appearance at on SBS’s “Inkigayo” alongside Kai, Sehun and Chanyeol. The remaining members of EXO came to cheer on Baekhyun during his solo promotions.

While the news was met with overwhelmingly positive reception by international fans, the same can’t be said about national fans who had some very harsh words to say Chen for simply showing up to support his fellow EXO member.

This marks Chen’s first public appearance since his marriage and baby news. He previously appeared alongside his members to send off Suho to the army but this is the first time fans have seen him since the grand announcement.

On an article covering what’s supposed to be happy news, netizens were harsh, here are some of their comments:

go change your baby’s diaper

He’s crazy… he’s crazy, right? he’s so shameless

look at that wedding ring on his finger

father… please know your place

not showing up is more helpful to your team

so shameless

where is the shame?

and more.

The reason is because many netizens think that Chen is harming EXO staying in the group following his marriage and baby news, and thus, they’re calling him ‘shameless’ for cheering on his friends.

What do you think of k-netizens’ reaction to this?

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  1. You know what’s more shameless? Not being there for others who were there for you. And also thinking an idol’s life has to end, well career, because they settle down and have a family.

  2. I was once an ExoL, so it breaks my heart to see fans talk behind his back but it was better for him to tell the fans he has a girlfriend at the first place, I think the main reason he got married to his girlfriend was because she was pregnant with his baby, they couldn’t do anything about it but if this was a planned marriage, things could have been better for him. Many Idols get married and don’t receive hate, because they announced they have a mate, and then they get married after a while.
    It’s true that some fans may leave the fandom because of Chen.

    1. Chen also has a life and it’s normal to be married and to have a baby. I do not know why Knets make it a big deal. They should give him the freedom that he deserve and to be happy. No one should be angry about Chen not revealing that he had a girlfriend in the first place because I think he only wants to protect her as well and we don’t give a thing about it because it’s his life we don’t want to ruin it. If you’re trully an EXO-L, you would understand him and show him support instead of dragging him down.

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