[BREAKING] Mina Says She Attempted To Take Her Own Life Due To AOA Member Jimin Constant Bullying + Details Her Horrifying Experience As Part of AOA

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Former AOA member Mina has opened up about her experience as part of AOA and accused its leader Jimin of constantly harassing and bullying her causing her to attempt suicide a couple of times.

In various instagram posts, Mina went into great details about her experience being a part of AOA and initially claimed that an AOA member bullied her constantly before flat out calling Jimin by name due to Jimin’s response on her instagram.

The ordeal unraveled earlier on July 3rd, it started with Mina sharing a DM she received; the netizen cursed at her and told her to get lost. In a long post, here is the summary of what she said,

“I really, really want to get lost too, but I have to take care of my mom…”


She went to detail how much a certain AOA member harassed her and told her she ‘was ruining everyone’s mood and told me not to cry, dragging me to the closet of the waiting room.’ In the same post she says she was given sleeping pills, adding,

“Because of her, I tried to commit suicide.”

She says that she loved being a part of AOA and wanted to continue being part of it but the bullying she suffered eventually led to her departure. She didn’t call Jimin by name initially but said that the AOA member father had passed away recently and at the funeral hall, the said AOA member cried and apologized to her.

In another post, she details how she felt that she was walking on eggshells around that AOA member, she had to smile at the same time her father was dying from cancer and she couldn’t visit him more but she was afraid of getting called out by her and belittled again.

She added that she attempted suicide and self-harm,

“Because of you, I take numerous pills and because I cut my left wrist so much, the nerves are damaged so it stings and aches.”

To make matters more heated, Jimin then posted a response to her instagram story, she shared a blank screen with the word ‘fiction’ on it. She deleted it shortly after.


Up until then, Mina didn’t call Jimin by name.

After that, Mina posted again,

“Try saying its fiction, you’ll be punished by the heavens. Don’t be like that. There are witnesses and evidence.”


She talked about how she had attempted suicide during their last days together before she left AOA.

Warning: graphic images of self-harm

Following that post, Mina shocked fans by sharing photos of her left injured wrist and in this post, she called out Jimin for the first time by name, she said,

“It’s too scary that you’re even calling it fiction. I underwent three to four rounds of scar treatment. But I am going crazy day by day because your memory won’t go away.

Jimin. Laws? Lawsuit? I don’t have any money for that. Psychological damages? I don’t need any of it. I have no plans of doing that, I am just so, so sad that I am broken because of you, it hurts and I am tired.

What I want is for you to come to me and admit your wrongdoings and sincerely apologize to me. I think that’s all I need.”

As fans grew increasingly worried about Mina’s state of mind, a source from her agency told news outlets that they’re looking after her and she’s currently with family and friends. The agency stated they will do their best to ensure she’s ok.

Following that, Mina returned with a couple of more posts detailing the horrors she experienced as an AOA member and how Jimin would constantly bully her. In one post, she admitted that every time she attempted to take her own life, she’d write Jimin’s name on her will,

“Every time I wrote a will, I would include your name. I thought maybe when you read it one day, you’d feel guilty.”

In all of her following posts, Mina demanded that Jimin apologizes to her.

In another post, she talked about how FNC responded to her pleas; she wrote that she told FNC everything,

“And FNC Entertainment, I told them everything at the end.

I was half out of my mind, and I couldn’t even open my eyes properly and I stuttered.

I hadn’t even fully recovered from taking hundreds of sleeping pills but I told them it was because of Jimin and they wouldn’t listen to me.”

In Mina’s last post, she encouraged people not to live like her and to speak up and never hold it in. She encouraged people not to take sleeping pills because it won’t end,

“Don’t live like me. Don’t hold it in. Do everything you want to do and express yourself.”


Nor FNC neither Jimin have responded to Mina’s social media posts. Meanwhile, this topic is the top trending news on Naver. Netizens are siding with Mina calling for Jimin to publicly apologize and leave AOA.

Note: if you want to read the full translation of her posts, you can take a look here. This article is a summary of her posts.

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