MAMAMOO Hwasa Ridiculed By Netizens For Her Bare Face

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Photo credit: Newsen

MAMAMOO Hwasa is being criticized again by some netizens for her looks.

MAMAMOO was captured by reporters lenses at the airport returning from their Mamamoo Asia Fan Meeting in Singapore ‘”HELLO! MOOMOO” which was held on April 28.

Fans and reporters were there to take photos of the girls, Hwasa again drew attention with her natural look, she wore a mask and smiled at the cameras.

However, some netiznes were not pleased with the way she looked and had some pretty harsh words to write on articles that shared photos of her.

On an article written by Newsen, some netizens wrote nasty comments, here is a translation of some of the top comments:

“Looks like a member of a Japanese biker gang.”

“buying eyes that haven’t seen this.”

“I’d believe it if you told me this was a man dressed like a woman.”

“The mask is doing a big job.”

“I’m grateful she’s at least wearing a mask.”

“Please wear makeup.”

“The ugliest idol I have ever seen.”

“The fact that articles are still being written about her is amazing.”

“With that face how could she have thought of becoming a celebrity?”

“Seriously, do you think that’s pretty?”

International fans, on the other hand, jumped to defend Hwasa again from haters. She had always received harsh comments about her looks because she doesn’t fit Korean beauty standards.

Here is a video of their arrival:

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    1. Hwasa is pretty– No, she’s gorgeous! those who hate her from her looks, well, fight me then. I’ll take all the pain Hwasa received from this just to protect her. I mean I like Hwasa and the rest of Mamamoo. I liked Hwasa not because of her looks, I mean yes she is gorgeous but that’s not the thing why I liked her. She has her own sexy and pretty self which she uses on her shootings, MV shootings and live performances. She has this strong legend female idol charisma, having a strong stage presence. That’s what I like liked about her. I mean, My bias are Solar and Moonbyul but I love Mamamoo equally. Especially in this kind of stuff. I would release all of myself to protect this strong stage presence legend.

      Please don’t share hate, Be generous and give out love. Not because they are not as good looking in your eyes, doesn’t mean you have to hurt them mentally.

  1. Some international fans came to her defence not only to shield her from knetz but other international fans too. I’m quite disappointed in international fans , it looks like this lookism mentality has rubbed off on us. You must be dolled up when you go to the airport or even if you are dolled up, you will still get hate because you are Hwasa.

  2. I agree with Moonbyul that these ppl who leave nasty comments should post their real pictures when they have a criticism of anyone’s looks. Hwasa is gorgeous with or without makeup…all the members are! Everytime i read a negative comment about someone’s looks I always think wow the author must be so broken and sad. It’s almost funny and ironic how they can’t believe shes a celebrity yet they obviously went out of their way to search for her pictures and obviously know who she is. Shes talented and famous and…they are anonymous obviously tasteless people. And she will always be gorgeous and Mamamoo will always be popular and sexy and hatin’ @$$ netizens will always be busy exercising their troll fingers. Mamamoo has an expanding fanbase to shower them with love and other girl groups in general. No one needs to hear their crap and I hope she knows there are people who love her and Mamamoo and know that haters are irrelevant.

  3. R u more pretty than her?? Mybe yes bcoz plastic surgery make u look “pretty”.. U still think tht u pretty? B4 u all said, she not pretty, u should look ur face at d mirror.. Mybe u forgot tht all the creature was created by God all pretty enough..

  4. These people typing harsh comments tsk2 imagine hwasa seeing this it would surely make her sad. What do they even think commenting these harsh words?

  5. Can people stop saying things like this!? Hwasa is my favorite member! she’s drop dead gorgeous!! She has an amazing voice, she’s deatiful with and without makeup! She’s perfect in every way! People srsly need to get their jealousy under control! She’s famous! She’s gorgeous! She has money! She’s living the dream! While you’re hiding behind a screen hating ppl for what they look like instead of who they are! She’s doing things that matter to millions of people! So shut the hell up! Y’all opinions don’t mean anything! If y’all just gonna hate then don’t freaking pay attention to anything our Queen is doing! Let her live her life !

  6. people who thoughtlessly judge others by their look are people who sees what they only want to see. that is why this kind of people hv no long lasting sincere friendship and feel lonely & sorrowful all the time. hwasa is a proof that u can still be successful regardless of your look, background & …

  7. She’s georgous with or without makeup, and if she wasnt? It’s not all about looks! It’s about the person, who they are, what they stand for, how they treat others! So shallow 🙁

  8. All the haters gonna make the queen more famous..they just being jealous cause they don’t have her baby face look..and they also jealous cause they don’t have her sexiness..typical haters always going to find her fault..

  9. They can only criticize her because they wanna be her.
    Also, there are a lot of people who appreciate her more than those who don’t.
    She doesn’t have to look like she’s been on the conveyor belt of beauty factories created in Korea.

  10. What is wrong with these people?! Hwasa looks like a goddess with or without makeup…. she is gorgeous, and talented, and I love her freaking awesome attitude.
    Hwasa hwaiting

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