MAMAMOO Hwasa Criticized For Her Outfit Choice At The 33rd Golden Disk Awards

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Source: News Nate

MAMAMOO Hwasa is being criticized again by netizens for her outfit choice at the 33rd Golden Disk Awards.

The 33rd Golden Disk Awards celebrated the best of 2018 music releases on January 5th and 6th.

On January 5, the ceremony celebrated the best of digital releases of 2018. MAMAMOO were among the attendees of event. They also performed at the event.

Again, Hwasa’s outfit choice caught netizens attention and garnered some harsh words from them. Hwasa has previously received a lot of attention for her 2018 MAMA performance, so much so that the label ended up issuing a statement about it.

Despite many Korean news outlets covering Hwasa’s performance at the 33rd Golden Disk Awards in a positive light calling Hwasa’s performance sexy, many of the top voted comments haven’t been so kind to the performance.

Here are some of the netizens reactions: (via Netizen Buzz):

[+1,932, -100] What did I just watch

[+1,819, -131] Solar was worse than Whasa, with her facial expressions and the way she seemed totally into herself ㅠㅠ can she please stop trying to act so sexy ㅜㅜ

[+1,550, -147] This is eyeball terror… People kept calling her sexy and now she actually thinks she is

[+198, -9] I still remember another comment asking someone to shoot her with a tranquilizer and make her stop ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+170, -7] Solar has no star potential and no one cares about her enough for her to headline but she’s always been worse than Whasa. She was up on stage again wearing only a bra ㅋ She’s such a mess from mocking her senior to singing about chopped up murders..

[+156, -6] She has the same backside as a hippo

[+104, -15] Mamamoo’s existence just grosses me out;;; Solar singing along to Fatdoo’s song and mocking Park Hwayobi, just ugh..

[+90, -26] Does she have a great body though?? She looks like an ajumma in her forties.. People always say that foreigners like her type of body but then how do you explain why all the models on their magazines are so skinny?

[+53, -7] She’s not pretty! She’s not pretty! She’s not pretty!!

[+45, -10] Stop.. we lost.. you won.. please stop..

My Thoughts

Some of these comments made my jaw drop, I can’t believe some would write such things.

Listen to me, I don’t mind you expressing you don’t like an outfit or a song or a drama as long as you express it respectfully, it’s your opinion, but criticizing her body…. that’s too much and you went too far!

First of all, the girl barely has any body fat, she’s slim but her thighs are a bit thicker must be because how she’s built. To me, she’s skinny and sexy, I don’t understand why they’re saying this or why they’re being this negative.

Let a sis wear what she wants! Plus even if she’s ‘fat’ (cant believe I just typed that), its her body its not like she’s eating for you!

I like Hwasa’s attitude towards haters, she keeps wearing what she likes despite the nasty comments, keep doing you Hwasa!

Whats your reaction to this article?


  1. She’s not fat! It’s the camera angle. If you look at her back, she doesn’t have the roll like fat people do. I am not fat but I have the roll above my waist. Give her a break, she’s a beautiful woman and she wears her clothes with confidence. She dance well.

  2. Looks like they don’t know her journey. She was a very chubby kid since her birth and she reduced a lot of weight to become an idol so I believe it’s enough to explain her broad built. She is not super skinny and small like IU but man she is sexy. Don’t bash her on something she isn’t and can’t change even if she is. Do not disrespect her body yes u might not like her music, singing or the choice of clothes. But u sitting behind a computer have no bloody right to aduse her years of efforts, hardwork and dedication. Plz fr Gods sake think before you type out such horrendous words. Just imagine these same words being hauled at you when u perform a skit for people who u ahvnt seen ur life. Just think.

  3. Hwasa girl do your thang you know you look sexy as hell don’t worry about the keyboard warriors they are just jealous. Let the hater hate and you keep doing thing your girl

  4. At this times I wished that we moonbyul where more blood mercy, like the EXO fans XD

    But since we love our girls more, and that would make them sad we will behave and just cheer her more HARDER on concerts YEAH!!!!

  5. Argh. It sucks me. Reading about bad comments about her makes me feel angry. She is still a person a human. It is just a little thing to become an issue. Small brained humans always say bad things eventhough it is small thing. Stop criticizing other and hwasa’s type of clothing and body. She still have a beautiful voice even if you don’t see her. Stop body shaming.

  6. Mi abuela me dijo un día lo siguiente :Bueno lo que no te mata te hace más fuerte!
    Osea que mientras hablen de ella es xq las personas le tienen envidia. Yo soy latina y tengo un cuerpo de latina, y cada que la veo a ella, parece que veo una latina por la sangre caliente que muestra en el escenario tanta fuerza y tanto amor, y sobre todo mucho talento ese tono que ella demuestra en cada canción es increíble.
    Yo la admiro mucho por tener esa sensualidad que allá no se ve mucho.
    Increíble presentación y que los amargados y celosos que sigan votando veneno xq está niña va a ser la mejor .

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