Lee Soo Man Breaks His Silence After His Nephew, The CEO Of SM Entertainment, Exposes His Alleged Crimes, Says He’s “Heartbroken”

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Lee Soo Man has addressed SM Entertainment’s CEO Lee Sung Soo’s expose video but its not the type of response anyone had hoped for or expected.

On February 16, CEO Lee Sung Soo took to his own YouTube channel to share a nearly 30-minute video exposing Lee Soo Man’s alleged crimes and obsession over retaining control over every aspect of SM.

The allegations included tax evasion, sabotaging groups comebacks, specifically aespa’s, instigating executives and employees to sign a direct contract with an overseas subsidiary owned by him, Utilizing employees to emphasize the necessity of Lee Soo Man to the public, constructing ‘SMart Music City‘ featuring music festival with casinos, he also accused him of being an advocate of “legalizing marijuana” which he planned to offer to kids and young adults visiting the city.

Later, HYBE countered the allegations with their own statement, a very detailed one, you can read it here.

Lee Soo Man has now broken his silence and addressed his nephew with a very sentimental response that basically glosses over every accusation levied at him.

Lee Soo Man said, “I have known him since he was four years old as the son of my injured wife’s nephew. He started working in fan management when he was 19 years old and worked with me. He is a good-natured nephew who grew up in a family with his father as a pastor. I feel hurt.”

Lee Soo Man did not address anything else besides saying he was hurt which is pretty odd considering the severity of some of the accusations thrown at him.

Stay tuned for more updates, it’ll likely only get messier!

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