Kang Daniel Apologizes After Criticism Intensifies Over Saying The Wrong Competing Sponsor Name On Live Broadcast Of “Street Man Fighter” 

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Singer Kang Daniel has apologized for a slip of tongue in the live broadcast of Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter.”

On November 9, Konnect Entertainment, Kang Daniel’s agency, told Newsen, “It was a mistake to say the brand name wrong. We think there was a moment of confusion because it was the passionate final scene. Sorry to all the viewers and the sponsor.”

Kang Daniel appeared as an MC on the final live broadcast of “Street Man Fighter,” which aired on November 8.

At the end of the broadcast, Kang Daniel said, “Thank you to the sponsors. Trevi is really delicious. I’m just kidding. But, also I’m half serious.”

Shortly after the broadcast, many viewers found this absurd. This is because the brand that supports the production of “Street Man Fighter” is Seagram, not Trevi.

From the perspective of Seagram, it seems that Kang Daniel’s slip of the tongue has backfired as it looked like he was promoting their competitor even though they are the ones who spent money to support the production of the show.

Kang Daniel’s side, which initially refused to respond with an official statement, belatedly made an official statement as public criticism intensified.

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  1. I think the show should’ve edited him saying that out! If they could’ve & didn’t that’s a set-up! I don’t know if aired it live or not, usually it’s not!

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