[BREAKING] Jung Joon Young Agency MAKEUS Entertainment Terminates His Contract

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Jung Joon Young will be leaving his agency MAKEUS Entertainment. His agency released an official statement on March 13 announcing the news.

Here is their full translated statement:

“Hello, this is MAKEUS Entertainment.

This is a statement regarding Jung Joon Young.

Last night, Jung Joon Young delivered his statement of apology to us, and we conveyed his position without any modifications.

With this incident, the agency judged that we cannot maintain our contract with Jung Joon Young any longer. As a result, we agreed to terminate our contract with Jung Joon Young, who signed the contract with our label ‘Label M’ in January 2019.

However, we feel heavy responsibility for this incident and will try to fulfill our responsibilities as an agency until the end so that Jung Joon Young can faithfully cooperate with the investigation, as Jung said in his apology letter.

Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience we have caused you due to an unfortunate situation.”

Jung Joon Young had previously returned to Korea on March 12, he was greeted by a huge crowd of reporters who were there to photograph his return and ask him questions about his involvement.

Since then, Jung Joon Young released an apology letter through his agency admitting to the crimes he had been accused of, he also announced he would be leaving the entertainment industry and participate in the investigation diligently.

What do you think of this?

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