Jay Park Under Fire For Alleged Offensive Lyrics Towards Muslims, His Initial Apology Garners More Backlash

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Jay Park has recently come under fire for his lyrics from various songs he’s done in the past.

The issue recently came up as fans had gone through some of his songs and found the lyrics to be offensive towards Muslims and Islam. A 2020 track called “Mukbang” is a remix of Lil Cherry’s song and features many artists including Jay Park, BIBI, Dumbfoundead and more.

The song included references to “Allah,” “haram,” and is rapped by Jay Park.

The lyrics goes as follows:

“Worship me like Allah

Get it done like wallah

Fans also brought up other lyrics of his other songs, particularly a song that’s called “Twisted Dreams,” part of the lyrics reads,

“Our poetry is deep heavenly, food for the sheeps

That’s why you can catch ‘em at my shows yelling, preach

‘Cause it’s synagogues of wolves and the streets selling meat

Stop for Allah, all we want is Salam Salam

But all these fuckers givin’ out is Haram Haram”

Seeing this, many fans started using the hashtag #JayParkApoloGizeToMuslims. Jay Park responded to the backlash but his initial response was poorly met, he wrote,

“Lyrics were never meant to be offensive or disresepctful. For anyone who took it that way i apologize. Yall outta pocket for “he draggin a religion” or “racist” comments stop with that bull shit false narrative. To me its just lyrics to some its more serious. Simple as that”


Many fans thought he was deflecting blame and not truly taking accountability or understanding why his lyrics was met with such backlash since Muslims find it extremely offensive with the use ‘allah’ in songs.

In his follow-up tweet, Jay Park said he didn’t know the lyrics would be offensive, saying,

So to the people who feel some type of way about it. I didnt know so thats my bad. Now im gonna go back to impacting peoples lives in a positive manner. Hope yall do the same. Peace and love to everyone

Things got worse for him when he replied to this tweet from a fan that said,

“i love you and all but it’s not just lyrics..words are hella powerful and should mean more than words that just flow…”

And his response was,

“Yeah but everyone lives in different countries and has different cultures languages and perspectives. Everyone takes things in differently depending on where u are how u grew up ect.words,symbols, mean everything to some but for those who dont know just a other word. Noones fault.”

He then followed it up with another tweet that reads,

“Not everyone can know everything and if a misunderstanding causes u to hate me. So be it. Best i can do is apologize to those i offended and move on.”

Due to the backlash he’s gotten for the way he handled the controversy, Jay Park ultimately deleted all the above tweets from his profile. He then apologized again and thanked fans for pointing out why this was wrong.

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  1. It’s true though… Words really matter.. & he shouldn’t have said that it’s just the lyrics for him & it’s not offensive.. when you are an influencer you should look around , do a research & make consultings prior to doing things… It wouldn’t have become a issue in the first place if he accepted his doings… He denied them,, I think he is having low thoughts about Muslims & that’s not what humanity teaches us.. we are thought to respect every religion.

  2. no offensive to Muslims, but Allah is also used by Arab Christian
    in Arabic Allah is god
    and Jesus means يسوع (text language = yasou3-yaseu)

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