IU’s Malicious Commenter Gets Fined 3 Million Won, Agency Responds 

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Singer IU‘s agency takes legal action against her malicious commenter. The commenter gets fined for 3 million won ( $2295 approx.).

On December 13th, the agency EDAM Entertainment said, “Since last year, we have collected evidence from the perpetrator who repeatedly posted malicious posts such as obvious false information, defamation, and personal attacks about IU, and filed a complaint.”

The agency emphasized that it will continue to take legal action against malicious acts and that there will be no agreement or leniency.

The statement of EDAM Entertainment is as follows:

Hello. This is EDAM Entertainment.

First of all, we would like to thank the fans who always send a lot of support and love to IU, Shin Se Kyung, and Woodz from EDAM Entertainment.

As previously announced through several notices, we are taking regular legal action against the creators of malicious posts such as personal attacks, insults, defamation, malicious slander, spreading false information, and invasion of privacy.

In this regard, we are establishing and supplementing evidence for malicious posts to prevent additional damage, including previous cases, and conducting self-monitoring.

Since last year, we have collected evidence of perpetrators who repeatedly posted malicious posts, including obvious false facts, defamation, and personal attacks about IU in a number of anonymous communities, including DC Inside, and filed a complaint through the law firm Shinwon.

During this process, the perpetrator repeatedly insulted and maliciously behaved in the same way even though the investigation was ongoing, and we collected all of the posts and submitted additional data to the investigative agency.

In response, the perpetrator admitted all the criminal charges through a subpoena investigation, and as a result, he was sentenced to a fine of 3 million won for violating the law regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and information protection (defamation) and insult. If the same crime occurs again after the ruling, we will continue to take the strongest legal response under the principle of zero tolerance.

In addition to this, we plan to take strict measures to ensure that any malicious acts against our artists through community bulletin boards, etc., by taking advantage of anonymity, will be subject to strong legal punishment. We clearly state that there will be no agreement or leniency in this process.

In addition, it is difficult to disclose the specific process and progress at the request of the investigation agency, but we are continuing to take legal action.

In addition, reports and data from fans are of great help in monitoring malicious posts. Although we cannot dare to understand the feelings of the fans who see indiscriminate criticism and malicious comments towards loved ones, EDAM Entertainment promises to do its best until the day the malicious comments are eradicated.

Lastly, EDAM Entertainment will make every effort to reach IU, Shin Se Kyung, Woodz, and fans with all the pretty words that exist in the world.

Thank you.



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