IU Celebrates The 10th Anniversary Of “Nagging” Duet With Im Seulong And 2PM’s Taecyeon

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IU has kept in close contact with Im Seulong And 2PM’s Taecyeon!

On June 7, Im Seulong posted pictures with IU and Taecyeon on his personal Instagram account.

In the photo, they can be seen enjoying a cake together at a restaurant. Im Seulong and IU are celebrating their popular duet “Nagging” which was released in June 2010, 10 years ago.

Im Seulong captioned his post with,

“The 10th anniversary of ‘Nagging’ …and also a late birthday celebration. Guys, why don’t you change?”

Im Seulong and IU both have birthdays in May and have kept a close relationship to this day, fans are happy to see that they still meet up every once and a while. IU is also friends with Taecyeon, they both appeared on the hit 2011 drama “Dream High,” while Taecyeon and Im Seulong are both former JYP labelmates and have known each other for a long time.

Im Seulong is currently gearing up for his collaboration with Lovelyz‘s Kei. While IU recently released a hit single “Eight” featuring BTS Suga, Taecyeon is expected to begin filming for his upcoming movie sometime in the latter half of this year.


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