ITZY Just Broke A 22 Year Old Record Held By A Legendary Kpop Girl Group

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JYP Entertainment new girl group ITZY continues to break more records with their debut, they have recently broken a record that’s been around for 22 years.

On March 7 episode of Mnet’s “M! Countdown” ITYZ were nominated for first place, they ended up taking home the trophy for “Dalla Dalla” making it their fifth win.

This sets a new record; ITZY has become the first girl group in 22 years to win more than 4 music shows awards for their debut track. Legendary Kpop girl group S.E.S held the title for the most wins for a debut track for 22 years with “Im Your Girl,” they had set this record back in 1997.

On March 8, ITZY won another trophy for “Dalla Dalla” on Music Bank. This makes it their 6th win on a music show. ITZY now holds the title for most music show wins by a Kpop girl group debut song.

IZ*ONE “La Vie en Rose,” (G)I-DLE  “Latata,” Black Pink  “Whistle,” and miss A “Bad Girl Good Girl” won a total of three music shows trophies.

Congrats ITZY!

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