Former BIGBANG Member Seungri Is Now Being Sued By Other People

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Former BIGBANG Member Seungri has more trouble on his hands!

As many already know he used to own Aori Ramen. Following the Burning Sun huge scandal, it was reported that restaurant owners were struggling because everyone stopped visiting the shop.

As a result of the damages they incurred as managers, 26 managers of 15 shops filed a 1.5 billion won (approximately $1.3 million) lawsuit against Seungri, Aori FNB and the current head of the company.

The managers had opened these branches between June 2017 and November 2018, the branches used to make more than 85,000$ in sales each month, however, that amount fell into less than the half in 2019.

The managers publicly state that Seungri promoted the brand with his name and face all over social media and via broadcast. They added,

“Following the revised Fair Transactions in Franchise Business Act, the franchiser should pay compensation for damages to the franchisees regarding the ‘owner risk’ that has occurred.”

They also say that Seungri should take responsibility since he’s directly involved and that the new Aori FNB head should also be held responsible.

One branch manager says that he trusted Seungri completed and paid the franchise fees and royalties that were very expensive in order to open the branch. He adds that Seungri never once apologized for the damages he caused the managers who are only regular people, they make a living with the restaurants, their livelihood depends on it.

Do you think Seungri should be held responsible?

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  1. Wait a minute, these owners already earned and gained a lot when Seungri endorses Aori Ramen. Now that this unfortunate event happened, they want Seungri to pay them!? Wtf!

  2. being held responsible depends on his contract as spokes person for the Aori foods chain and these ramen restraunts. the same applys to Aori foods. nither can be held accountable if the contract expired before the scandal broke. which it most likely did as he had left the company and sold his shares as part of preperarion to go into military. franchise fees are set and paid regaurdless of celebrity spokes person. so those fees have nothing to do with Seungri.

  3. Yes he should be responsible. He made that dirty money and gave it to the managers to expand without being honest and violated their trust and ruined the reputation all because seungri was greedy. He deserves what he is getting

      1. He is responsible for the mistakes made but calling him a rapist when he didn’t rape anyone..that’s inhumane…never blame anyone for something they didn’t do ..that you don’t want too…

  4. I kinda have to agree with the owners/managers, with the scandel that Seungri was in he did cause a lot of damage to his brand, as well to the the brands that he was representing in this case the Aori Ramen Franchise, they can technically sue him since the profit that they once made straight out declined the moment when the scandal started. But I am just looking at this throughout a Business standpoint, they could probably sue the CEO for doing damage controld the moment he saw that sales were getting affected by the scandal but I’m not sure about that one

    1. Agreed they should have removed him right away they seen it declining. Do what they do here and put another face on it. I’m sure there was something in the agreement about his actions. They had a very long time to do so.

  5. Just because he did a couple really bad things does not mean everything he has done is bad. In this case he promoted a label. I wouldn’t call that bad yet he is being attacked for it now due to his other actions. It’s not fair.

  6. Seungri screwed up with this scandal that was ruining Big Bang and now the ramen restaurant is failing because of him. Wether you admit it or not your precious idol ruined his image. I used to support Seungri but ever since this scandal and getting B.I. From IKon involved I can’t.

    1. Well I do I’m an adult and I know EVERYONE makes mistakes and some people have 0 idea what it’s like to be in their place and their mentor doing it for God’s sake. He is a human for God’s sake and I can bet you any amount of money he DIDN’T RUIN BIG BANG . These restaurants wouldn’t have a leg to stand on here in the US bc they would laugh them out of court. You wonder why these idols kill themselves it’s bc people put WAY TOO MUCH PRESSURE on these guys ,and they’re so young and impressionable! This keeps going on here may seriously hurt himself and to all the people not supporting him now, I don’t want to hear a word bc it’s they’re fault!

  7. Not a fan or supporter of seungri. I’m a business owner and sad as it is, they were quick to profit off his name and now times are tough due to this scandal they want compensation. They arent due compensation. He sold his shares and cut all business contracts. I’m sure business will recover after some time. As much as you want this jerk to pay, legally, it’s not his problem.

  8. Look.totally agree that the owners are getting a raw deal. But they chose to open those stores with suengri, and they didnt have a problem with him promoting and representing his brand and image all over their store even personally asking him to visit the stores individually because thats why most customers went to those stores. Sucks he was caught in this scandal. Devastated fan here. Not defending him or owners and not demeaning either of them. But thats why celebrity endorsements are so valued. You gain fro. Their gains. You fail with their failures. Thats a risk they all signed up for.

  9. Heck,NO! They should take endorsements away and use someone else just like they do here,, how much money did they make off if his face and his name plus just bc is half… they’re still making MONEY! I thought people in America sue over dumb things but this is insane. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes especially IN THE SPOTLIGHT and growing up in it in this day and age

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