INFINITE’s Nam Woohyun Shocks Fans Revealing He Had A Rare Type Of Cancer Earlier This Year And Got Surgery

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INFINITE’s Nam Woohyun has shocked fans by revealing that he had cancer and had gotten surgery to treat it earlier this year.

Infinite’s Nam Woohyun released his first solo full-length album ‘White Tree’ today (28th) at 6 PM. This is his first full-length album in seven years since his solo debut. The album is packed with 11 songs. He had an interview to commemorate the release of his album and talked about it, he also talked about his cancer diagnosis.

This album is special a reason. It is his first album released after overcoming cancer, fans have found out. The exact diagnosis is gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST). GIST is a rare cancer that occurs in the muscular layer of the gastrointestinal tract, affecting less than 20 people out of a million.

He said, “I had a rare form of cancer called ‘GIST cancer.’ It is said to affect only one in a million people. I underwent surgery in late April after holding fan meetings and performances in January and February.”

Nam Woohyun, who revealed that he underwent a general anesthesia surgery in April that lasted about 10 hours, said,“I have a scar that is about 20cm long from the surgery. I was under general anesthesia for 10 hours. I couldn’t eat for two months and I drank water only after three weeks. It was a very difficult time for me.”

Furthermore, it was reported that Nam Woohyun continued with INFINITE’s activities even during his recovery from surgery.

He explained, “I could have taken a break after finishing Infinite’s activities, but it had been a long time since I released a solo album, and I felt that I shouldn’t delay it any longer, so I decided to release it.”

He added, “Aren’t fans saddened when celebrities talk about being sick?” He expressed his strong determination towards the stage, saying, “I thought it was better to be in pain on stage even when I was in pain.”

However, he confessed, “I was told that I won’t be able to sing like before, it will be three to four times harder. I have difficulty breathing when I dance and sing.”

Despite these circumstances, he returned to the stage for the Infinite concert in August and released his first solo album, which includes a total of 11 songs.

Nam Woohyun revealed his plans for an end-of-year concert, saying, “I want to spend the end of the year with my fans.”

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