Goo Hara’s Boyfriend Officially Fired From His Saloon, To Be Investigated By Police Following Dispatch Report

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Goo Hara’s ex-boyfriend is in a lot of trouble following the report released by Dispatch, the report which exposed him for trying to blackmail her with their sex tape.

The saloon where he used to work in was as manager announced he has been fired.

The saloon shared a post to social media announcing the decision, they added,

“He hasn’t even worked at our saloon a day since his controversy.”

The saloon went on to clarify they had nothing to do with the issues and asked people to refrain from spreading groundless rumors.

This wasn’t the end of his troubles today after the shocking reports made headlines across South Korea; police has also announced they plan on investigating and analyzing possible evidence found at his residence and workplace.

The Seoul Gangnam police released a statement on October 4 announcing they had officially begun to search his car, home and the saloon he used to work at. They also analyzing his phone, any USB flash drives he has and any storage devices found at the scenes.

Police will be calling the ex-boyfriend to question him after they gather the evidence and examine it.

After the severe backlash he received, his lawyer stepped up to clarify the situation. Lawyer Kwak from law firm Chung explained the ex-boyfriend (C) side of the story to Star news, a Korean news outlet.

The lawyer claims that after confirmed with C, he says the video was filmed by Goo hara herself and that he then decided to go along with it.

The Lawyer says that he hasn’t seen the video in question yet since its two people very private matter; he also affirmed the video won’t ever be released. He said,

“Goo Hara mistakenly thought he sent her the videos to blackmail her but that’s not the case. According to C, he only sent the videos so she could reminisce about their old memories. If this video gets released both parties would receive damage, why would C want to spread this?”

The lawyer goes on to explain that they didn’t mention the tape because they know well that Goo Hara is a female celebrity and that it would impact her greatly and they didn’t wish for anything to get any bigger, he said,

“However, because of a certain news outlet, it was revealed that C sent the sex tape to Goo Hara. We didn’t reveal this to anyone.”

Despite the ongoing legal battle between both of them, the lawyer didn’t dismiss the possibility of coming into terms.

He also finally added that they hadn’t received any police investigation schedule yet.

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My Reaction

I am honestly offended right now! I can’t even believe I just said that, but I hate it when people take me for a dumb person!! What the hell is the lawyer saying? Does he realize it makes no sense?

Through his statement, he not only accuses Hara of shooting the video (which is a serious accusation btw) but he also contradicts himself and says that the boyfriend sent the videos to ‘reminisce,’ who sends sex tape videos to his ex-girlfriend to ‘reminisce’ thats downright creepy (if we assumed he was right).

The problem is that Dispatch’s report makes so much more sense and we can finally see why the assault happened and all. They even shared a voice call of Hara’s roommate with the boyfriend. The lawyer has the nerves to actually refute all of that and even go as far as to say hara told him to do it.’ I honestly hope he gets sued for saying that.

Instead of apologizing and saying the ex-boyfriend will repent he tells media that. What kind of lawyer is that?

Also, of course you won’t be talking about a sex tape because the moment you do that the ex-boyfriend is over. A week ago or so the lawyer said we won’t be reaching a settlement and such and now he says ‘we won’t rule out the possibility of coming into terms.’ I am still baffled by his nerves to say those things… If this goes to court, I have a feeling the boyfriend will be found guilty.

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