Gdragon Under Fire For Implying That BIGBANG Is Five? The Discrepancy Between International Fans And K-Netizens Thoughts

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Gdragon is under fire or being praised depending on which side you look at for what we’re about to discuss.

On April 25, Gdragon uploaded a series of photos to his Instagram showing off his new luxurious apartment that he reportedly purchased for more than $7 million. The post has 10 photos; eagle-eyed fans noticed that in one of the photos, a painting of BIGBANG as five members was noticed in his house which is based on a photo he uploaded some time in 2016 before everything went down.

When international fans saw the photos, many of them praised him and declared this an indication that Gdragon believes BIGBANG is still five members despite the controversies Seungri has been involved in, they left comments such as,

Yaa OT5 FOREVER…i’m so happy.

 My OT5

Hope you are doing well baby, BIGBANG IS 5


On the other hand, Korean news outlets that covered the story garnered negative reaction from k-netizens who didn’t mince words when criticizing Gdragon for his post, some of their comments include,


just don’t come out on TV

bigbang is a has-been now

and more.

Seungri left BIGBANG in 2019 after being associated with the Burning Sun scandals; he’s currently awaiting trial for a lot of accusations against him. He’s currently serving the military.

Do you think Gdragon meant to send a message? or are fans reading too much into it?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. Koreans Accusing at their own idols while international fans praising him ✌️
    I think Koreans who criticise their people should clean their brain with an acid ⭐️ I will support G Dragon decision, he was, is, will be the best leader KING OF KPOP

  2. It’s just a picture folks. Nothing but a picture. It could hold memories for him, both the good and the bad. I would love for it to mean that they are 5 again. But I also know that it is what it is.

  3. It’s just a picture folks. Nothing but a picture of him and his members. Probably nothing more. We shouldn’t assume anything because it will only hurt the ones that really want all 5 members back. Pictures are meant to be memories. So let him have his memory.

  4. Its Absolutely Unbelievable that Knetz are so Thoughtless and Cruel in their thinking and Comments And International VIPs SUPPORT OT5 AS A COLLECTIVE Seungri has always been the Driving force of GDs Music He always Makes songs With Riri in mind! Big bang WILL ALWAYS BE 5 In his Way of thought Regardless whether Physically Seungri is there or Not that’s why He Made a Pic of 5 Seungri Has never left So Knets get Over Yourselves!!!!

  5. I’m sure they feel like family after so many years together so if he wants to keep a “family” photo, that’s his business. You don’t ruin a picture and cut your little brother out of the photograph just because he’s the black sheep of the family.

  6. Bloody media and people that interfere in others lives, so what if he has a painting with the 5 of them, it’s no ones business, move on if it angers you, as if these people that are being nasty are perfect. There’s people dying all around the world, from a deadly virus, yet these people are more interested in running people down, because they have no life. Remember Karma, losers

    1. Yes these are the memories he hold with his brothers who he has been for more than a decade
      I believe bigbang is always 5
      Gdragon the best leader ever.
      I think k netz are totally crazy in accusing seungri without knowing facts.
      Hope BIG BANG comes back again as5
      VIP forever, waiting on flower road

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