Four Additional Stray Kids Members Test Positive For COVID-19

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Four more Stray Kids members have tested positive for COVID-19: Bang Chan, Lee Know, Han and Hyunjin.

JYP Entertainment released the following statement today (March 21) regarding Bang Chan, Lee Know, and Hyunjin COVID-19 diagnosis:

“Hello, this is JYPE. 

Stray Kids members Bang Chan, Lee Know, and Hyunjin have tested positive for COVID-19.

BANG CHAN, LEE KNOW, and HYUNJIN have been self-quarantined since they tested negative on March 19th (Sat). 

In the case of Bang Chan, he was undecided through the PCR test conducted on March 20th (Sun) and tested positive on the morning of March 21st (Mon).

Lee Know and Hyunjin were tested negative through the PCR test on March 20th (Sun), but were tested positive on March 21st (Mon). 

Bang Chan, Lee Know, and Hyunjin have completed their third vaccination, and all three members have no special symptoms, so they are self-quarantined according to quarantine guidelines.

Stray Kids members have been living in separate residential areas since March 18th (Fri).. After that, all the members will pay attention to personal hygiene and check their health status.

We will do our best to take the artist’s health first and recover as soon as possible.

Currently, the members’ comeback is on hiatus until they recover.

Thank you.

This was also accompanied by another statement confirming Han has also tested positive,

“Notice Regarding HAN’‘s Schedule

Hello, this is JYPE.We inform you that Stray Kids member HAN has tested positive for COVID-19 today.

On the afternoon of March 18th, HAN took a PCR test as a preemptive measure and received a positive diagnosis on March 19th.

HAN has received his second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and as he is currently not presenting any symptoms, he is quarantining in accordance
guidelines of the disease prevention authorities.

The 6 members excluding Changbin and HAN have tested negative on their PCR tests, and they have been staying in separated living spaces since
hoon of March 18th. All members will continue to focus on personal hygiene and monitor their health.

JYPE will place the artist’s health as the highest priority and will provide everything we can to support the artist’s swift recovery.

Thank you.”

Currently, the members’ comeback is on hiatus until they recover.

We wish Stray Kids the speediest of recoveries!

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