Former After School Member Lizzy Signs Exclusive Contract With New Agency

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Lizzy, a former member of the group After School, signed an exclusive contract with BKENT.

BKENT, the agency, announced the news of its exclusive contract with Lizzy on October 24, saying, “We’re happy to be with Lizzy who has overflowing talent and bright energy. We will fully support Lizzy so that she can actively work in various ways.”

Lizzy debuted as a member of the group After school in 2010 and was greatly loved for her bouncy and lively charm. In addition, she worked as a member of the unit groups such as After School Blue and Orange Caramel, imprinting a friendly and lovely image on the public.

Meanwhile, Back in May of 2021, it was revealed that After School Lizzy had hit a taxi driver while driving in the south intersection of Youngdong-bridge in Gangnam-gu. No major injuries were reported. Lizzy’s blood-alcohol level was high enough to revoke her license. In October of that same year, her trial was held and she was fined around $12,000, she did not appeal the court’s decision.
Lizzy had previously taken to Instagram last year to apologize for the incident, she said, ‘my life is over,’ as she broke down in tears apologizing for her DUI.

Lizzy plans to resume her activities in earnest with the new partnership with BKENT.

Are you excited for her new activities?

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