SM Denies Report That Claims EXO Chen Has Already Gotten Married Today And That Girlfriend Is 7 Months Pregnant

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It’s was reported that EXO Chen has, in fact, gotten married earlier today.

The shocking news hasn’t stopped coming, according to an exclusive report by Sporbiz, Chen has gotten married earlier today at a church to his girlfriend.

According to an acquaintance, the couple married earlier today at the cathedral. It is being said that only family members attended the wedding, Chen’s wife is reportedly seven months pregnant according to the report as well.

The shocking news comes only a couple of hours after Chen personally announced that he was getting married to his non-celebrity girlfriend,

“I have a girlfriend whom I want to be together with for the rest of my life.”

He also mentioned that he received a blessing; SM entertainment later confirmed to news outlets that Chen is expecting a baby with his non-celebrity girlfriend. Fans are surprised that Chen has tied the knot the same day he announced the news to his fans. The sex of the baby is unknown.

SM had refused to provide details about how far Chen’s wife is pregnant when releasing their statement due to her non-celebrity status.

Reactions to the news have been mixed; some Korean fans are upset about the sudden news while others have congratulated him.

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Later, in a phone interview, SM Entertainment denied that Chen had already gotten married earlier today, they also denied that his fiance was 7 months pregnant. The Sporbiz article has been edited.

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  1. I love Chen’s music, it’s all about the love at heart that this man has not only for himself, family, friends, and fans. His voice reaches across the world to all who are able to connect with him and you will know him truly.

    I’m excited about his future with someone who will bring a balance in his life. His wife must be beautiful at heart too as it takes one to know one. She will have to endure his lifestyle but as we can see a newborn will seal the faith and love for both.

    Don’t worry my dear, dear, Chen … Follow your heart and be happy Congratulations!! to you and your new family. So proud of you as you did the right thing in your announcement. This is why you have the backing of the label company and your brothers (Group), they are the best supporters and know we’re all human and in life, we wish each other nothing but the best. Everyone will find that special someone in their lives and want to move on.

    Being a celebrity is not easy but hey!! the key is all of you bring one thing that everyone should remember and not forget!! Your voice, music, and sounds are healing to one’s body, soul, heart, and mind. It’s so soothing how anyone in your status brings to all. We as the fans or listeners should not forget this.

    I just wanted to express my thoughts in hopes to bring you comfort at heart and you’re the first I’ve reached out to. I’ve become a Korean buff at my age but must say, I’m very sad to hear the Korean fans shout out their unhappy feelings for such a wonderful moment for you and your newborn baby to be.

    Let’s bring that bundle of joy into this world and both of you enjoy precious moments together.

    With this, you have many fans all over the world watching you and appreciate your voice. Don’t give up this part of you. Remember, work hard, take care, and love your wife and family.

    Best wishes to you, all the way from Honolulu, Hawaii,


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