EXID Reveal They Have Attained The Trademark Rights For Their Group Names + They Run The Group As A Company

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Great news have come from EXID!

Recently, EXID made an appearance on “Weekly Idol” and mentioned something that delighted fans. According to the members themselves, they have the trademark of the group right now. This means they can use the name of ‘EXID’ to earn money and have full control of using it. Hani went on to explain that the members now run EXID like a company, with LE being in charge of A&R and production, Hani for the accounting part, Hyelin as the manager, Solji as the chairwoman and Jeonghwa as the secretary.

Fans are happy to find out that the members now have ownership of the group they worked so hard for.

You can check out the clip where they talk about it below!

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