[BREAKING] Choi Jong Hoon Announces His Retirement And Departure From FTISLAND

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Choi Jong Hoon is leaving the entertainment industry and his group!

On March 14, his agency FNC Entertainment announced in an official statement that he will be leaving the group and the entertainment industry following severe backlash for his alleged involvement in Seungri and Jung Joon Young ongoing controversy.

Choi Jong Hoon will be fully cooperating with police investigations this week.

He had been involved in the huge controversy and accused of being a member of Seungri and Jung Joon Young’s group chatroom. His agency firmly denied the allegations and threatened strict legal action against spreading of defamatory false rumors, reports, and comments.

He was also caught in the drunk driving incident back in 2016 which he’s suspected of having asked police to cover up and block reports from leaking to the media. You can read FNC’s response to that here.

However, today and following severe backlash and continuous accusatory reports, FNC Entertainment announced the departure of Choi Jong Hoon from his group and the entire entertainment industry.

In their full statement, they make it clear that they didn’t intend to cover up or conceal facts on the serious matter. They wrote,

“Earlier, based on mutual trust, we checked with him on what he remembered regarding the past incidents before releasing the statements. We apologize for the confusion caused by the inaccurate announcements during this process.”

The agency also added that regarding the suspicions of other illegal acts, he claims that he doesn’t remember, adding he will diligently participate in police investigations this week.

They also added they acknowledge the severity of this matter and feel a deep responsibility for it, they promised to fully cooperate with the police as well to reveal the truth.

They added,

“Choi Jong Hoon apologizes for his inappropriate and shameful remarks in the past, he is deeply reflecting on the disappointment he has given to many fans and the members of his group.

We sincerely apologize for our negligence in managing our artists and failing to properly teach proper character to our artists, and for the inconvenience, we have caused many people.”

FNC also promises to guide him through the end towards living as an upright member of society.

They closed their statement with,

“We promise to be more thorough and strict with the management and education of our artists. We apologize.”

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