Chen Spotted Wearing His Wedding Ring In His First Public Appearance Alongside Other EXO Members

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Fans are over the moon right now!

EXO Chen has been away from the spotlight in 2020 after surprising fans with his marriage and baby news; he welcomed a daughter not too long ago and has been focusing on his duties as a father.

The first time EXO-Ls spotted him this year was in mid-May when he joined other EXO members to send off Suho to the military. And finally, fans get to see him in flesh around his fellow EXO members once more.

Baekhyun is currently promoting his newest solo comeback that has already broken so many records. Kai, Sehun, Chanyeol and Chen arrived on SBS’s “Inkigayo” today to cheer on Baekhyun. The remaining active EXO members came to show support to Baekhyun who took home the third award that day.

One of Chen’s fansites saw him earlier today and managed to capture a photo of him, he was wearing his ring and covered his face with a mask and a cap but fans could still tell it was him; he was surrounded his members.

Later, during the encore stage, all of them joined Baekhyun. Check out photos and videos from the glorious moments below:

Fans were so happy to see Chen at last they trended his name Jongdae on twitter worldwide trends.

Check out the encore stage below:

We’re happy to see him smiling and with his members!

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