BTS Nominated For 2018 American Music Awards

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BTS has received its first EVER AMA (American Music Awards) nomination.

On September 12, the AMAs officially announced the nominees for this year’s awards. BTS has received a nomination for Favorite Social Artist category.

They will go up against Cardi B, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, and Shawn Mendes.

#AMAs Favorite Social Artist Nominees:

— American Music Awards (@AMAs) September 12, 2018

The awards show will be held on October 9 in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, BTS won’t be able to attend the awards show because they have a concert on the same day in London.

Last year the group had performed “DNA” for the first time on live TV on the popular awards ceremony.

However, reactions from army are mixed!

While fans are very happy to see BTS’s name receiving more and more nominations each year and being recognized by America, the award category is the same every time.

Some fans expressed their frustration since BTS is always only nominated for social awards at whatever awards show there is, some left comments such as,

“F**king social again? At what point will they be eligible to get an actual award?”

“They always get the same nomination. Those awards are just using them for social media clout!”

“I am tired of them getting only social awards..”

However, more fans replied to such comments with things like,

“I know people are saying again a social award, but remember the exposure BTS got after AMAs. It is great that BTS is getting a nomination without even an official US debut at AMAs. They are starting out in US, irrespective of the title of the award it is still a huge thing!”

“Demi and Shawn also got only social nomination. Nicki and selena got zero. So, everyone this is big. Sit down and be humble.”

“To those arrogant armys who are complaining about the category, we should be grateful we got a nom. A Korean group for an AMERICAN music award. The reality is those other groups are well-established and have charted better.”

Fans pointed out that BTS are getting these nominations despite the fact that they are releasing songs in English.

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