BLACKPINK Heavily Criticized By Korean Journalists For Their Energy During Performances?

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BLACKPINK is being heavily criticized by the press and by netizens!

A couple of days ago, BLACKPINK attended Adidas event which also featured David Beckham, it was highly publicized for being an important event. However, many began reporting that BLACKPINK was late for the event and world star David Beckham had to wait for them.

BLACKPINK has reportedly been late for 20 minutes to the event, the press were waiting to see BLACKPINK and David Beckham interact, however, they had to wait because BLACKPINK didn’t arrive at time.

What made matters worse for BLACKPINK was their fans defending them and claiming the press and journalists were lying about the group being late despite various journalists [who attended the event[ outwardly expressing their disappointment with BLACKPINK tardiness and YG’s no-response attitude.


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at the adidas event with @davidbeckham !! It was a pleasure meeting you🖤Thank you @originals_kr 💕

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Journalists who attended the event confirmed that BLACKPINK was indeed late, one particular Event Representative even says it’s a shame that event was overshadowed by reports of BLACKPINK tardiness.

The story broke out initially because the journalists who attended the event were reporting and releasing articles live because it was such a highly publicized event.

Some BLACKPINK fans claimed that there were two parts to the event but the actual organizers denied that and explained it was an open event with no first and second part. They were supposed to arrive at 11:55, but were 20 minutes late, fans continue to claim the girls actually waited for David Beckham when in reality, due to being late, David Beckham left the stage and he was called back and it took a while to get him back on stage because he had already left.

Pannchoa released a detailed report that challenges fans’ excuses for BLACKPINK; you can read about it here.

Basically, journalists who were updating live from the event kept releasing articles in real time as BLACKPINK were late for the event; some journalists even refused to wait for them and left early.

While being late isn’t truly a crime or that big of a deal YG’s action or non-action in this case plus how the members reacted after being criticized is gaining them even more hate and distain from the general Korean public.

It wouldn’t have escalated if the agency just apologized for being late [on the spot or just later] or if they released a statement clarifying the girls weren’t late if indeed they weren’t.

BLACKPINK members kept posting pictures on their instagram accounts whilst they were being heavily criticized for being unprofessional for the way they handled this matter.

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Some of Korean articles headlines read:

Blackpink, are they the 21st century’s pretentious ristocrats?
YG again? Manners maketh man
“Universal star” BlackPink in a controversy again, let’s not forget YG
BlackPink Jennie, leisurely releases picture “No apology for tardiness”
BlackPink tardiness controversy, let’s not apologize, but let’s post on IG
BlackPink Jennie, no apology over tardiness –> constantly updates IG “Controversial”
“Unapologetic” BlackPink, you have to love our power trip too
“NO to apology, YES to SNS” BlackPink Jennie, showing off whereabouts

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The agency’s way of handling this brought out even more reports of BLACKPINK being late to previous events. During a past event, Comedian Jang Do Yeon had to kill time on stage whilst receiving an award for fashion because BLACKPINK was late; she asked if the girls had arrived [and was tolf no], she ended up on stage for three solid minutes doing funny bits to stall time; you can watch her talk about this below:

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  1. Who cares. As if everyone upset about this hasn’t been late, and if it was their favorite group they would defend them too. Korea has a real problem of trying to pretend all of their celebrities and citizens should be perfect and when it isn’t their favorite they cling on to anything they can to trash their name. For a country that is filled with drunks and misogyny that they seemingly don’t care about they sure really do care about punctuality. ‘knetizens’ are and will continue to be idiots, I guess.

    1. Listen everyone sorry but I HATE BLACK PINK becuz they are racist judgemental and they spoke bad about BTS and I’m in the ARMY OF BTS so they should be all over social media …….Thank You.who else is in BTS Army???

      1. Girl keep your rumors to yourself. Dont spread lies until you have proof. Honestly you ARMYs are so toxic towards BLACKPINK and other groups like EXO because you always feel like BTS should remain being the top kpop group. Just shut up, enjoy listening to BTS music, and leave BLACKPINK and other groups alone

        1. we (Armys) are not toxic to people who weren’t toxic first, I was a blink for some time but I left because it was super toxic so I have experience

      2. Biych when did blackpink talk bad about bts huh
        Stop ur stupidness
        Ur just trying to start fanwars between blinks and armys and ur don’t belong to army fandam u retarded toxic delusional shit

      3. I’m an Army and apart from SOME toxic fans like you who are on each other’s next… I’ve personally never seen BTS orBP disrespect any other kpop grp. Both of them know how hard the industry is and they respect each other’s efforts. Please stop making ARMY and BTS ashamed.

    2. yeahh i dont get it. So what if they are late? What if there was an emergency at that moment which causes them to be late or smtg? Or other important matters ? Or who knows it wasnt even Blackpink’s fault that they were late , can be YG too right?? Try to put yourselfs in other peoples shoes man. Can you imagine how they actually feel if they are not at fault and yall are bashing them? Be matured. Urgh , these haters literally have no shit better to do , get a life . and also those “not even armys” gotta stop creating those ridiculous rumours. A real Army wont do that shit.

    1. When did they ever speak bad about them? Or racist and judgemental for that matter? Seriously you sound like a child making bullshit excuses for hating on four girls who did nothing to you. And before you start calling me a blonk or whatever, which yes I am a blink, I’m an army too. Ugh you’re the kind that give us a bad name and make us look so toxic

  2. I hate black pink becuz they are rude and they wear disgusting clothes and they said bad things about BTS and I love bts I’m in the army .who else agrees??

    1. They wore disgusting clothes? Girl, have you heard they were booked individually for Paris/ London Fashion Week by high-class fashion brands? And where did you get your information they’re saying bad things to BTS? Show us your receipt because I’m not buying your words. Plus, you’re proud you’re an Army? Real Army will respect other group just like how BTS respect the whole K-pop community including other groups.

        1. I’m an Army and apart from SOME toxic fans like you who are on each other’s neck… I’ve personally never seen BTS orBP disrespect any other kpop grp. Both of them know how hard the industry is and they respect each other’s efforts. Please stop making ARMY and BTS ashamed.

      1. Ugly clothes ?? Rude?? Execuse me (lol)
        U think bp gets to choose their outfits and what do u know about clothes
        Just because u imagined urself looking ugly af in thir outfits …..u hate on them
        Pathetic and learn some manner get educated than u can talk about rude stuff
        And u can end ur attempt of starting fan war and bringing bad name to bp and armys

    2. You sound like such an immature loser. You give real ARMY a bad name. People like you are the reason blinks and army don’t get along. Also when have they ever spoke bad about BTS? Just admit you feel threatened, unnecessarily too btw, by them and their potential a be over it. You people make the most trivial things into competitions that don’t matter. Yes Blackpink are gaining popularity and are pretty big but BTS is doing things no other Kpop group (even western artists for that matter) have ever done so I fail to see the need to be so pressed about BP being sucessful in their own right. And pretty sure no one with a sane mind would agree with you

    3. I’m an ARMY but when did Blackpink ever badmouth BTS?? I know blinks for sure have said terrible things about ARMY and BTS, things that make me ashamed to be a blink but I’m pretty sure no group would dare outrightly say something bad about BTS. The whole world would be on their case if they did that

  3. Just what did blackpink say to bts? Huh if you hate them just go away, I don’t like bts and I never know what happen to them okay just let them live their life.

  4. It’s not that of a big deal, if it was the other way around would it be that much of a deal as it is because it’s blackpink if it was Beckham that was late . Do we know the reason for them being late

  5. I don’t understand what u guys are saying blackpink say bad things about bts??!?!??????i dont see it . Im an Army & Blink . Don’t u guys think that it is disrespectful to just ask them do you like bts out of a sudden ?!?!?!? Plus they were late ok we get that , but who know what could happen when they were late , maybe they transportation broke down , or jam who know . Don’t just see it in one perspective and judge understand both sides then u can judge !?!!?!??!? Hate those people who is a hypocrite, one minute saying your a fan of them then one second turn against them just because they did the smallest mistake!!!!!!!!!!

  6. As if blackpink drove their way to the event they don’t get to decide at what time to leave or when seriously nice try delusional journalists and antis to bash bp with that execuse of yours

  7. Why is kpop seemingly becoming fuller with toxic haters, who have nothing better to do than hate on every single ti iest perceived wrongdoing? Certain areas of the Korean media do not help the situation by making up false stories like this that have already been debunked by people who were there and saw the girls being told to wait backstage for over 20mins before coming out. Even if they were late, its not a crime and they may well have apologised to David Beckham and such privately. Why can’t people just stick with the groups they like & spread positivity rather than wasting their time hating on groups they don’t like and don’t listen to. Never apparently waiting to know the truth but biasly judging. Let them who hath no sin cast the first stone. Anyone remember that passage? Let’s try building things up, rather than being determined to tear everything and everyone down at each and every chance. The world would be a lot nicer place to live in, especially online, where cowards become brave under that they think is the invisible cloak of anonymity. Have a wonderful week kpop and non kpop fans.


    1. What bothers me entirely about this situation is the no apologies thing, I don’t care they were late, I just wish they would have apologized for it, like every normal human does when they are late for something

  9. Mhm ok Blackpink could have apologized. I think they could’ve handled the situation way better instead of acting like they didn’t do anything. Also, they should focus on their comeback because they never make any anymore. Meanwhile, other groups like Twice and Bts have made way more. So I’m just saying, Blackpink needs to step up on their game.

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