“The Glory” Director Ahn Gil Ho Issues Apology For School Violence Allegations After Previous Denial, Here Is Why

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“The Glory” Director Ahn Gil Ho has expressed his apologies through his legal rep despite initially denying the school violence rumors.

Controversy arose when a post by Mr. B, who said that he was assaulted by Ahn Gil Ho in the Philippines in 1996, was posted on Hey Korean, an American Korean community site.

Mr. B, who was attending school in the Philippines, claimed that Ahn Gil Ho, who was in his third year of high school at the time, dated a female classmate of his who was in her second year of middle school, and when his classmates made fun of the female student, Ahn Gil Ho saw him and his other friends and assaulted them.

Mr. B also added that there were 10 people, including PD Ahn Gil Ho, and he was assaulted by them for about 2 hours.

After that, Ahn Gil Ho denied the allegations of school violence. He said, “Nothing like that happened at all,” and “No matter how much I think about it, I don’t remember hitting anyone in a group.”Ahn Gil Ho claimed that he has never had a physical conflict with other Korean students.

But as new revelations poured, the public’s reaction changed. Since then, Ahn’s ex-girlfriend, known as A, explained that “contrary to what people think, my friends teasing me was not severe bullying but just daily joking and laughing among friends” and that “if they thought such violence would occur, they would not have joked like that.”

A also added that “my friends changed Ahn’s name to ‘Ahn Gil-eo’ and teased me with it. Some interpret this word as a sexual joke, but at the time we were not at an age to make such jokes. It was just a type of teasing that was common at the time when long legs and short legs were trendy.”

B’s classmates, identified as C and D, who now reside in the United States, have also spoken to the press and confirmed that they remember the incident in question. They state that An PD was aware of the violence that occurred and that two students were severely injured.

After that, the director issued an apology via his legal rep, he said,

We apologize for the delay in issuing a statement following the initial reports.
Director Ahn Gil-ho had a girlfriend he began dating during his study in the Philippines in 1996. Upon learning that she was being ridiculed at school because of their relationship, he momentarily lost control of his emotions and caused irreversible harm.
He deeply regrets the pain he has caused to those who were hurt by his actions and seeks their forgiveness. If given the opportunity, he would like to express his apologies directly or through a phone call.
We deeply regret the controversy caused by this unfortunate incident.”

The director claims his memories of the events that occurred 27 years ago were faint.

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