Agency Announces Munik’s Departure From DKZ

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Member Munik has left DKZ!

On the afternoon of the 28th, DKZ’s agency, Dongyo Entertainment, announced through the fan cafe that Munik is leaving the group and the group will carry on activities as six members moving forward.

Read their statement below!

Hello, This is Dongyo Entertainment.
We sincerely thank all the fans who have always supported DKZ.
We would like to inform you about the current situation and future plans of Munik, who is currently on break.
Munik, who has been on a long break, is working hard to meet his fans again.
However, Munik and our company have decided to end his activities with the group and withdraw from the team after discussing future activities, and meet again in a new form.
We also inform you that DKZ will continue to work with six members in the future due to Munik’s withdrawal.
Although Munik has withdrawn from the existing team, it is not the termination of the exclusive contract with Dongyo Entertainment.
We will spare no effort to support Munik to meet his fans again in a new form as soon as possible.
We apologize to the fans who may have been surprised by this sudden news and ask for warm support and interest in Munik’s future plans.
Thank you.”

Wishing the best for Munik going forward!

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