[TRENDING] 3 f(x) Members Have Left SM Entertainment, Here Is What They Had To Say About It

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f(x) future is uncertain and SM is not giving fans a proper answer of what will happen to the group!

Earlier today, Victoria personally revealed through her personal instagram and Weibo account that she’s leaving SM Entertainment after 10 years.

Earlier this week, Amber also revealed through her social media that she left SM Entertainment.

f(x) celebrates their 10th anniversary today and at last SM released an official response on the status of the members contracts.

On September 5, a source of SM told OSEN that they were discussing ways to collaborate with Victoria ‘who announced her departure from SM today,’ they also state that Krystal still has time left on her contract.

Meanwhile, both Luna and Amber contracts have expired and the girls didn’t renew.

This means that Victoria, Luna and Amber officially left SM Entertainment. Fans are curious about Krystal’s decision.

What do you think of this?

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My Personal Thoughts

It almost feels that someone in SM hates the girls or sth…

At least write a proper statement that thanks the members, just show some appreciation for the hard work they put in like every other agency does. The statement was so dry I needed to drink water after reading it.

They didn’t even bother confirm Amber left when she released a statement 5 days ago, why?

I am not surprised by any of the girls’ decisions to leave the agency, they were mistreated and underappreciated, Amber herself publicly called out her agency before.

I highly doubted that SM would let go of that sweet sweet Chinese money which explains that they told news outlets they were ‘discussing ways to collaborate with Victoria.’ If you read Victoria’s statement you can tell she publicly stated that she left SM, maybe if they were going to collaborate as they say, she would’ve phrased it differently.

Regardless, Victoria will do well on her own in China without the need of SM help, its not like SM has dominated the Chinese market or has good control over it. I’ll be surprised if they reached an agreement. If Victoria wants to promote in South Korea, that’s a whole different thing but I highly doubt that.

Also, after how SM handled Jessica’s departure I’ll be very shocked if Krystal actually renewes. Moreover, she plans on promoting as an actress from now on and it’s better to move to an actor agency for future activities. She’s been working hard as an actress for a while now so that would seem like the right decision to make. I bet many agencies already contacted her.

I wish all the girls the best! If Krystal also moves agencies it basically means that f(x) is no more, I would highly appreciate an actual response from SM about their disbandment for the sake of fans.

Whats your reaction to this article?

By Kevin Miller

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  1. Finally!!
    10 years under SM must have been torture. Really wish them the best. They all have unique talents and will do great on their own. No pressuring company, that takes more than 60% needed.

    All the best to them 🙂

  2. I can’t say that I’m a real fan, cos I didn’t even know, i mean i may have an idea. I may seem stupid for thinking and waiting for a comeback. I mean, i just want to see them perform again? But then, Im hoping for a better future for all of them. They do deserve better!!!

  3. as a MeU since the very day they debuted i am so happy they left SM, like hell yah! SM treated f(x) poorly, they were really doing verywell back then, they were at the top 5 of the girl group pyramid, they dominated the UK, and US, they were one of the unique girlgroups but SM didn’t gave them importance and support! good thing Vic is doing well in China, Luna as a solo and musical actress, Krystal with Acting, Amber in the US and Sulli with her freedom!

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