Another f(x) Member Leaves SM Entertainment After 10 Years, Victoria Release Heartfelt Message To Fans

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f(x) Victoria has left SM Entertainment!

On September 5, f(x) Victoria took to her Weibo account and instagram account to announce the news, she revealed that she decided to leave SM Entertainment after 10 years. She thanked them for all the opportunities they presented for her.

“A blink of an eye, and ten years have passed. On September 5th, 2009, I stood on the stage and officially debuted. At that time, I already knew that as long as you work hard, you will gain something, though luck is also important, the opportunity is presented only for those who are prepared. I only hope that I can seize all opportunities and leave no regrets.”

She also says that she plans on starting a new beginning but is still herself and will continue to be so in the future.

“I will try to become a better version of myself, with firm belief, I will not change my mind easily. Cherish every single chance! Cherish everyone and everything around me!

Thank you to my family and friends, thank you to those who love me and whom I love.”

She ended her statement with,

“I am grateful for all your trust and support. I hope that I will not disappoint anyone and live up to your expectations of me and will do my best in the future. So, are you willing to walk with me for the next 10 years?”

Her Chinese studio also confirmed her departure from the agency. It is unknown what will happen to f(x) as a group. They celebrate their 10th debut anniversary today.

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On September 1, Amber also announced her departure from the agency.


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Chapter.3 [DIAMOND FOREVER] #victoria #10thanniversary #宋茜 #出道十周年 一眨眼,十年了。2009年9月5号,我站上舞台正式出道。那个时候我已经懂得,只要付出努力就会有收获,运气也很重要,但机会是只给有准备的人的。我只希望自己能抓住所有机会,不留遗憾。而今10周年了,是终点,也是起点。感恩与S.M这十年的所有,我们今后会以一个全新的方式再走下去。这是一个新的开始,重新出发,我还是我,我会继续做自己,不忘初心、勇往直前。我会努力成为更好的自己,坚定信念,认定就不会被轻易改变主意!珍惜每一个机会!珍惜身边每一个人,一切的一切!所以,谢谢那个努力且勇敢的自己,让我可以拥有现在的一切!谢谢我的家人和朋友,感恩所有爱我和我爱的人,能够遇上你们是我的福气。感恩所有的信任与支持,希望我没有辜负你们对我的期望,以后也会全力以赴。所以,你们愿意跟我一起接着走向下一个10年吗?

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