Besides BTS Suga, Here Is The Full List Of Male Artists Who Collaborated With IU

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IU is recognized as one of the most respectable female singers in South Korea.

Because of her soulful soothing voice, IU is one of the most sought out singers for collaborations in the industry and because of that, IU has featured on many fellow top singers songs while also featuring others in her songs as well.

Her recent collaboration with BTS Suga is a massive hit; it broke so many records on Melon and international charts as well. It has become one of the few tracks to score a perfect all-kill.

Today, we’re taking a look at other top idols and singers IU has collaborated with.

G-Dragon – Palette

Jonghyun – Gloomy Clock

Zico – SoulMate

Park Jin Young – Someday

Hyuk Oh – Can’t Love You Anymore

Epik High – Love Story

Sung Si Kyung – It’s You

Zion.T – Red Queen

Lee Juck – Uncle

Seo Tae Ji – Sogyeokdong

Yoon Sang – The Story That Only I Didn’t Know About

Kim Chang Wan – Meaning of You

Park Myung Soo – Leon

Jung Jae Hyung – L’amant

Which one of these is your favorite IU collaboration?

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