“I Am Not A Robot” Episode 3 And 4 Review And Recap

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“I Am Not A Robot” episode 3 and 4 were equally interesting as its premiere, but sadly failed to capture Korean’s attention as the ratings sank even further for its 3rd and 4th episode.
But why did this happen? What went wrong?

Well…  I don’t have the answer, I am shocked just like everybody else!

Onto the review and the recap.

So, we pick right up from were we stopped. Min Kyu is on his way to ‘test’ the robot. She opens her eyes and screams in awe.

As a result he calls Doctor Baek Gyun, who explains that the robot has a ‘friendly’ mode, he must switch it off and on again for it to work properly.

He touches her back and switches it on, back then I had expected that the slight contact would set him off, but it didn’t….

When she grabbed him by the collar the other day, he reacted very badly to her touch, why isn’t he reacting right now as well? I just hope that the writer won’t toy around with the ‘allergy’ to accommodate the plot as he wishes.

Everything starts going smoothly, but then the power supply goes off and the team at the lab is disconnected from whatever happens while Ji Ah attempts to convince him that she’s a robot.

He tests her around and she ‘unexpectedly’ passes his tests using her wit, which made me wonder how will they explain to him later that this robot cannot actually do half of the things Ji Ah did to convince him she was a robot.

The entire test scene was sort of nerve wracking, I didn’t want him to find out, I found myself invested in it and I hoped that Ji Ah could pass and trick him. It was also a funny scene, when he tried to touch her breasts, I found myself laughing at the way she cursed him out, she was supposed to behave like a robot, something she’s clearly not cut out for.

He then makes a phone call to her brother, he tells him to sue the girl who took away his neckless, she notices that and freaks out, but she manages to keep calm.

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why so cute?

He questions her morals and asks her what should he do with that girl who stole his neckless and tricked him, while swallowing his pills he chokes on one, she rushes to save him.

He is taken back by how smart the robot is, she pats him on the back. He then reaches out his hands again like E.T, she touches his hand with both her hands causing me to almost freak out.

This means two things. One, he’s not allergic to her somehow (doesn’t make much sense). Two, he’s actually not allergic to human contact.

But how? And why?

I think it’ll be too cliché to think that somehow, he’s not allergic to physical contact with Ji Ah, I think the writer won’t go down that route. I suspect that he’s not actually allergic to human touch but to the medicine that he takes. When he failed to take his pills and then she touched him he didn’t have an adverse reaction.

I thought about it, and maybe, someone is trying to stop him from having contact with human, and through the pills (which are given to him by his doctor) he stays allergic to human contact.

The testing took place in the morning, which means that these pills were his first dose of the day.

It just what I thought of right of the bat, I could be wrong, but I sort of became sure of what I said above after watching the entire episode, lets continue and I’ll explain why.

The team then takes away the robot claiming that her battery is running short.

She goes back to her ex-boyfriend’s lab, Doctor Baek Gyun scolds her for her actions. She recalls a time when he embarrassed her in front of his co-workers.

Now, we have an idea of what might’ve led to their breakup. It seems like he is very calculative in nature, she’s easy-going, they’re polar opposite, its also obvious he hasn’t totally gotten over her yet.

While CEO Hwang Yoo Cheol welcomes president Martin who is planning on finalizing the deal, he gets a call from his pal and rival Min Kyu telling him to postpone it for now.

It seems like Min Kyu is trying to delay selling the department because he sees potential in Santa Maria team.

I also like to point out that I love actor Kang Ki Young English pronunciation, I didn’t expect him to recite his lines in English so well.

Min Kyu bosses people around as he pleases, but aside from his slight selfish nature, he turned out to be better than I had expected him to be.

Ji Ah treats her sister-in-law and her nephew to meat, she had paid back the amount she owns and is celebrating. She finds out that she accidentally took Min Kyu’s precious neckless.

She tries to threaten him with the neckless, they end up arguing as she’s packing it and sending it to him.

She gets a call from the guy that’s helping her out with her project, he got the lamps to work as she had instructed him to. She is happy about what she has accomplished for today.

Meanwhile, Min Kyu is imagining what life would be like with the robot around, the poor guy craves human interaction, or any type of interaction. The fact that he can buy it seems appealing to him.

We then find out that the crucial part to Aji 3 has been sent to Africa by ‘accident.’ I was like ‘ya, it would!’ because of course something that is slightly stupid would go wrong with the crucial part delivery so the plot can continue to use Ji Ah as a substitute for the robot.

Unexpectedly, Min Kyu gives Doctor Baek Gyun a call. He suggests that he keeps the robot by his side to train her, Doctor Baek Gyun rejects but little did he know that, Min Kyu wasn’t asking but demanding.

The man who was caught embezzling from the company’s fund hands in his resignation while telling team leader Jo Jin Bae to watch out, there is an internal fight going on between the current CEO and director Kim.

The entire department of Daeyang Shipbuilding’s RnD and Santa Maria team is something bigger and more secretive than we had expected it to be. The team has been funded an astonishing 100 million dollars and was disguised as a team that builds ship material, it had went unnoticed until now.

This means that the current CEO believes that the team isn’t doing much and that the entire department should be sold off. How could a team be funded 100 million dollars and no one found out about this sooner?

It really doesn’t make much sense, but I feel like we will find out more about it in the future. Its only the 2nd episode.

Min Kyu instructs his team leader to do a thorough search and find out who else knows about the ongoing Aji3 project, he also asks him to visit Doctor Baek Gyun and basically order the team to move in to his house while he tests the robot for convenience.

Min Kyu pays a visit to his parents, who both passed away back in 2002, it has already been 15 years. The 15 years short sentence is often repeated in this drama, it feels like even his allergy started after his parents passed away.

He meets chairman Hwang Do Won, they share a tense relationship, I think its because chairman Hwang Do Won had something to do with his father’s company being taken away from him. He’s operating from within while chairman Hwang Do Won’s son is the CEO of the company.

Ji Ah finds out that the competition has been cancelled, it appears to have been funded by Kim Kyu’s financial company which shut the entire project down.

Ji Ah gets this crazy idea that she should write the boss directly and send it to his house. It doesn’t make much sense but okay….

She goes there to deliver the plea message and finds out that he’s the same person who scammed her.

The night comes and her brother comes back home and finds out that she paid him back the 10,000$ and like any normal elder brother panics. He asks where she got the money from, since she knows he’ll probably think she’s lying, she says she got it legally from somewhere.

I understand her brother, I mean, if my sister paid me back 10,000$ she owed me once, I’d panic and demand an explanation. Ji Ah is very immature and fails to see why what she’s doing is wrong.

I don’t quiet like her character yet, I feel like its going to be a struggle for me. Nothing about her character seems interesting to me, she is cute and nice but I don’t find her likable.

Its not that she’s written badly, it’s the opposite, I like that the writer didn’t think the main female lead should be what we’re always used to, a responsible character.

He ends up kicking her out, a bad decision in my opinion. She then finds out that the guy who helps her out is moving out of his warehouse, she must get her stuff.

We then proceed to see a dramatic scene that’s supposed to make us feel sorry for our main female lead. She tries to sell the stuff, but no one’s buying.

I honestly don’t feel sorry for her, not in the slightest, she brought it upon herself. I just hope that the writer is not trying to make us sympathize with her when he wrote the character like that…. (I hope!)

The next morning, she receives a message from her ex, she makes up her mind and will ‘somehow’ try to convince Min Kyu to hold the competition so she can claim her prize as if what she came up with even makes much sense…

Its not that her idea is awfully bad, but its nothing special either. How come she’s so confident she’ll do well and convince him?

He doesn’t know she’s a real person and everything she’s done so far proved to be a disaster.

She goes to doctor Baek Gyun’s lab and demands a place to stay and eat and she’ll pretend to be a robot for free.

The entire team along with the equipment moves out of their old warehouse onto Kim Min Kyu’s huge mansion. Two men visit the warehouse and call in the CEO assistant letting him know that the team has vanished. The assistant then calls the Chairman to let him know that the team has vanished.

We find out that chairman Hwang Do Won is well aware that Santa Maria team is a robot development team, president Martin wants to buy the division to get his hands on that robot.

Meanwhile, Min Kyu seems to be happy that he’s not going to be so alone from now on, its a bit sad.

The housekeeper briefs them in on the rules, he precisely says that they should never come anywhere close to the director.

Min Kyu then requests a meeting with doctor Baek Gyun. The doctor explains that if Aji3 was to focus on one person, he needs to teach her everything there is to know about himself.

He creates a password so that no one else can access the information that Aji3 will get to know. It seems like the last thing he wants is for his enemies to find out about his disease.

Min Kyu meets the robot and tells her some cheesy lines.

“Don’t let anyone in.

Im the only one who’s allowed in that room.”

Making Ah Ji flustered with his request.

So far, the two are cute together and share adorable chemistry. I am glad that he’s been paired with someone who isn’t much older or worse much younger!

Yoo Seung Ho is doing well for his first romantic comedy lead role. I had low expectations but I was pleasantly surprised.

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why so cute?

The script is cute…. Its not entirely bad but not exceptionally good either, not from what I’ve seen so far. The drama sounds promising but I do have a couple of things to say.

I am shocked that Min Kyu is actually a nice character! Considering his background and how spoiled he is, also the fact that he was deprived of human contact for so long could’ve driven anyone to the edge, he seems to be handling things well for someone who lived without parents for 15 years, accompanied by nothing but emptiness and his anxiety…

I was a bit annoyed with Ji Ah’s friend, another stereotypical friend that shall be used to benefit the main female lead whenever she needs. I guess I got greedier and wanted the characters to all be different.

There are still many questions left unanswered. I wonder how will the writer handle the excuse for Ji Ah playing the robot role from now on.

Assuming a week passes by, the replacement part gets in, what then? Will the writer make up another stupid excuse for why she should keep playing that robot?

Still, the human allergy thing faded away with his contact (for the second time) with Ji Ah. I just hope and pray that the writer has a logical explanation for that.

The allergy seems to have become a real thing when his parents died.

The story isn’t very original and I was annoyed that the one thing which made the drama different; hence the allergy faded away when he became in contact with Ji Ah.

The OST seems nice. The drama is promising and has an excellent cast, lets hope that the drama won’t be ruined by the script quality. I remain hopeful.

To be honest with you, I would’ve preferred to see Min Kyu in different conditions. I would have preferred to see him play Min Kyu, but the poor version.

It would’ve been far more interesting and less cliché to see how well can Min Kyu handle his disease if he wasn’t so well off. If the drama focused on people’s prejudice against him because of his condition and how he handled it, I think a better more impactful drama would’ve been born.

The original script idea isn’t bad, but its also repetitive in many places. There is a rich boy with a complexity of some sort, a poor struggling girl who is feisty. His uncle/father’s friend is controlling his company after something happened to his father/family.

There are a lot of things in the script that we’ve previously seen. If I knew the writer I would’ve suggested he switches up the entire script to focus on how the poor are neglected if they were struggling with a chronic illness on daily basis.

But then again, it’ll become a melodrama rather than a romantic comedy…

So what about you guys? Do you like the premiere of the drama? Are you happy or disappointed?[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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