“Flower Of Evil” Episode 12 And 13 Review

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“Flower Of Evil” has been for the most part an entertaining ride, and this week’s episode prove to be nerve-wracking in the most ridiculous way possible.

I think I can say that this week’s episodes are the first ones where I felt legitimate stress more than fun, I just didn’t want to see how it pans out because I was scared it would go south fast, which it did and in the most dramatic way possible.

And this week’s episodes of “Flower Of Evil” are the ones I have issues with plot-wise, so let’s discuss them.

Note: this will be a spoiler review of the said episodes in the title. This is a subjective review.

The continuous surprises

What I’ll commend “Flower Of Evil” for is how full of surprises it became, I think for most kdramas, they usually run out of any interesting idea by episode 10, and what remains is merely the wrap-up phase but “Flower Of Evil” screenwriter is a genius in the sense that she’s always trying to surprise us and there is always that element of actual shock in each episode.

Screenwriter Yoo Jung Hee is really the shining star of this project, this isn’t about diminishing everyone else’s hard work but to highlight just how important the plot is, everyone is perfect in their roles and the production is excellent but no matter how good everyone is, if the plot is bad, the final product will always be bad.

The fact that Jung Mi Sook was alive the entire time made me feel so bad for her husband who spent so much time looking for her body everywhere.

This family is fucked up

I think for the most part throughout this week’s episodes, the thing that crossed my mind was just how fucked up the family turned out to be, the level of crazy in this family is insane just as insane as the plot is and I like it, it adds to the suspense of the story and makes our heroine job a lot more difficult.

I was surprised by just how much the maid knew and I am curious to see how she came to know all of those things.

I didn’t expect that the mother actually tried to kill her son because she saw how deranged he was in real life. He’s a classic psychopath but I couldn’t comprehend why the mother just went with the flow, her husband doesn’t seem to be normal either but she seems to be the most normal.

I know mothers would do anything for their children but the fact that she sees her son kill the maid in front of her and chooses to hide creeps me out. I know the plot needs to happen but everything could come to a peaceful end if she would just hand him to police then no one has to get hurt.

Which leads me to my next point and issue with this week’s episodes

The Unnecessary Killing Of The Maid

The first thought that crossed my mind when Hee Seong killed the maid was ‘how on earth was he ever able to get away despite being so impulsive?’ I get that killing the maid part was especially added to bring down the family and put an end to the whole debacle but I feel that it was done badly. It would’ve been more fun to see a cat-mouse chase and it would’ve made much more sense.

The issue isn’t the exact killing but the circumstances surrounding it and just how it played out after that.

A simple investigation can rule out Hyun Su, so I don’t understand why Hyun Su acted like that, he has a very intelligent wife who’ll probably do everything in her power to ensure that he doesn’t get wrongly evicted.

A simple investigation will do, going about that route of him running away is dramatic, way more dramatic than “Flower Of Evil” originally is, and I didn’t like that part honestly.

Investigators can usually determine the time a body died relatively a lot more accurately these days. The time she died and what Hyun Su was doing will likely free him from suspicion. The only ‘evidence’ the family tries to plant are circumstantial at best.

“Flower Of Evil” has been overly dramatic but it still felt understandable especially considering the circumstances the characters are going through. However, this is the first time I felt that a certain plot point didn’t fit properly with the rest of the drama. This is why I found this week’s episodes to be ridiculous.

It doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it, its quite the opposite, I just wanted it to wrap up perfectly. I still look forward to next week’s episodes. “Flower Of Evil” literally saved me from the drama slump I’ve been going through.

So what did you guys think of this week’s episodes?

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