Disney+ “Vigilante” Episodes 3 And 4 Review- How Is It Possible To Fall For Lee Joon Hyuk Even More?

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Disney+ has released the new episodes of “Vigilante” two days ago, let us discuss them!

Note: this will be a spoiler review of the said episodes in the title. This is a subjective review.

I liked the premiere of Disney+ “Vigilante” and personally thought it had a lot of potential despite some caveats. This week’s episodes were not only more fun but more intense, they also answered some of my questions.

I just re-checked the drama’s page to make sure its 8 episodes, so technically speaking, we’re half-way through the drama and I can feel it. Its been intense.

This week we were introduced to Jo Gang-Ok [played by the one and only, the handsome Lee Joon Hyuk] and as expected, Jo Heon is already onto Ji Yong which makes a lot of sense.

What I liked is the possibility that by showing his face, Ji Yong somehow saved himself. When Jo Heon talked about fabricating a suspect and pinning the blame on another person because the vigilante is a nice well-mannered handsome man, I was like, ‘oh, so that’s why.’

Jo Heon’s lack of consideration for the well-being of people he encounters and the way he moves, he’s part of the problem. The way he talked about pinning the blame on someone else to make police look good, I was FURIOUS. I cannot read his character that well either. No backstory yet that would justify why he’s so barbaric in his approach, and his approach can backfire spectacularly not unless he plays with his seniors the correct way, so what happened there?  

I am interested to know how Jo Heon got onto him, is it a hunch? Or did the professor tell him?

I have a feeling the professor somehow knows its him but plans on protecting Ji Yong down the line. I also suspect Min Seon-Wook, who is Ji Yong’s friend, to be another copycat or somehow, someone who knows his identity too.

What kinda doesn’t make sense is how everyone around Ji Yong is obsessed with him, but then again, he’s handsome, well-mannered and very competent. Its just that, the attention feels a bit off, as if they know something.

I also have a feeling that somehow Min Seon-Wook might have a bigger role or even end up as the scapegoat.

Circling back to the vigilante identity, if not protecting the face was intentional on Ji Yong and the screenwriter’s side, then its genius, its pure genius, but this also somehow would assume that there would be many copycats and that he’s confident enough that the police would be shaken once they’re onto him.

Now there are many copycats and some wear masks, some don’t, this also adds a layer of protection to Ji Yong, but at this point does it matter? Jo Heon is already onto him.

I suspected he’d be caught soon; I didn’t expect that he’d join hands with the crazy charismatic Jo Gang-Ok. That dude is in another league. He’s just crazy. I love him.

Lee Joon Hyuk is finally introduced here. I’ve been a fan for a very long time and always said he’s immensely underrated, he still is. I recently saw The roundup with Ma Dong Seok, and he had gained weight for that role and played a villain. That specific crazy look in his eyes was AMAZING. The acting, the posture, the attention to details, I just loved his work on the villain character. I remember saying how I hoped I’d see him in another villain role soon. And my prayers were answered.

Its either that Jo Gang-Ok would be also roped into this and possibly targeted by police instead of Ji Yong or he’ll turn on him. but I have a feeling he really cares for what he does, at least in his twisted mind. He’s definitely a very crazy unpredictable character that I’ll have fun watching on my screen.

As we reach the half-way point, I wonder, is it possible to return with a 2nd season or not? I say this because 8 episodes feel short but also feel somewhat justified considering how Ji Yong moves and how irrational he tends to be at times.

There are many ‘coincidences’ and things that happen just in time for Ji Yong to see and make judgement upon, but honestly, I don’t mind them. I am loving this drama. And definitely in love with the addition of Lee Joon Hyuk as the villain here.

Can’t wait for next week’s episodes.

What did you guys think of Vigilante’s 3rd and 4th episodes?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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