“Yumi’s Cells 2” Ending Explained [Episode 14]: Did Yumi And Babi End Up Together?

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TVING’s drama “Yumi’s Cells 2” has wrapped up its run earlier today, here is its ending explained plus whether a 3rd season is happening or not.

Did Yumi and Babi end up together?

No, they did not. They broke up and broke off the wedding.

Why did Yumi and Babi break up?

They broke up because Yumi felt nothing when Yo Da Eun called him. She asks herself in voiceover, ‘how can someone who is in love feel nothing?’ she concluded that she no longer loved him. It wasn’t that he had Da Eun’s phone number or that she called him late at night.

She breaks up with him, and when she’s about to say it, he tells her he knows what she’s talking about. They break up but this time we don’t get to see them get so emotional.

What happens to Yumi?

A year has passed after her breakup with Babi. She managed to publish a novel and its sequel. She’s doing well but is under stress a lot. A year had passed and her love cell had finally returned, Yumi is unsure whether its because of Woong or recently, this new guy she met at the party [details below].

What happens to Babi?

He got assigned to their Singaporean branch and he left on the wedding day of the chief.

He happens to get her laptop which she lost, it also has the manuscript that is very important to her. He leaves it at the airport locker and she comes to pick it up. They meet and when he asks if she has a boyfriend she says no. When she asks him he says yes, but he’s lying. He wanted to make her feel less bad about it.

Did Yumi get back with Woong?

No, she did not. Woong continues to show support and she finds out one day that he was the one who wrote her all those positive comments. She tells him she’s thankful and says she will buy him a meal someday.

How does “Yumi’s Cells 2” end?

The final scene of Yumi is when she wakes up the day after Christmas Eve [a year later]. She drank too much but she checks her laptop, she sees a message from a man who asks if she went home well. She says yes, he’s an employee who will be assigned to her next year. When she asks for his name, he says he’s Shin Soon Rok.

Was Shin Soonrok introduced? Who plays the character of Shin Soonrok?

Shin Soonrok gets introduced in the final scene of “Yumi’s Cells 2.” Shin Soonrok appears to be played by an unknown actor but here is a picture of both of them together below. Yumi meets him at a party together at night as he’s introduced to her, he’s going to work with her starting next year at their publishing company.

We don’t see Shin Soonrok’s face but through social media, fans were able to find his pictures.


Will “Yumi’s Cells” season three be released soon?

TVING has not publicly commented on whether “Yumi’s Cells” season three is coming soon or not. However, considering how they showed Shin Soonrok identity, it means the final chapter of the story is about to unfold.

If TVING confirms a 3rd season, we’ll update it here.

What did you think of “Yumi’s Cells” ending?

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  1. I am a big fan of Yumi’s Cells and I read a webtoon, but I didn’t like the ending. They followed the webtoon, so we can’t really complain, but contrary to the webtoon, we did not get the closure – ie, Yumi’s wedding to SoonRok.
    Also, her break up with Babi felt OK in the webtoon because in the webtoon he was clearly in the wrong – he left Yumi and married Da Eun. But in the drama, they made him irresistible and almost perfect and played by Jinyoung on top of that – so it was difficult to buy in their breakup and it felt not very credible, out of the blue and a bit like a waste. Personally, I hated the ending ). But they did a good job to keep us guessing until the end between Woong and Babi.
    Regarding the Season 3 – I am almost sure it won’t happen, I think this is the end. There is not enough material for Season 3 and it would be impossible to bring back again Woong or Babi in order to play the love guessing game again. And everyone already knows that SoonRok is the endgame so there can be no suspense anyway. So this is a goodbye to Yumi Cells – I loved it, both seasons, loved animation, lost the OST. One thing – 14 episodes was too long, there was not much happening in the second half, it was slow and they were dragging the plot. 10 episodes could have been better.

  2. Team Babi….but now am hating the movie
    Seriously all this love and break is really puting me into depression..like why is she always dating the wrong ppl who would break up with her and still want her back …so annoying it’s making me now doubt my own possiblity of finding love

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