“The Uncanny Counter 2” Ending Explained- Episode 12 Recap

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The Uncanny Counter 2” has come to an end, here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained!

“The Uncanny Counter 2” episode 12 recap

The episode begins with the entire team fighting the possessed Ju seok. They’re really struggling and are getting badly beaten. After a long long struggle, So Mun decides to open the teritorry even though it would make him stronger, he wants to do it from within, so he enters his mind.

There he sees Pil Gwang who is very difficult to beat, he tries to hit him but he’s like liquid and he’s unable to do much. He gets beaten a lot as the team struggles on the outside, eventually, the evil spirit grows so strong it starts to strangle each one lifted in the air.

So Mun is also getting choked and he sheds a tear thinking of Ju Seok asking he listens to him and come back. He ‘wakes up’ and the light within helps the team. Ju Seok then charges towards a wooden log and stabs himself with it, to kill himself along with the evil spirit. So Mun is then able to deliver the final blow to Pil Gwang as his light shines from within.

On the outside, the team celebrates, however, So Mun is not waking up, something is wrong. So Mun goes to an apartment like structure recalling how Ju Seok said he’d live there with his family. He goes there and sees what seems like a fake life he’s built inside his brain. He asks him to return but he wants to die as he has nothing to live for.

So Mun is eventually able to persuade him, the two wake up.

In the afterlife, So Mun and Wi Gen see off Pil Gwang who is not quite pleased with what happened, he says the door he will go through to hell can be opened. He eventually caves in as Wi Gen sends him to hell. There he meets the souls of those he killed and they eat him alive.

Later, Wi Gen suggests to So Mun he go train counters overseas as he was able to summon the spirit from within the mind, a miracle.

Ju Seok is then escorted to the police station, he’ll be investigated and receive punishment. He sees his mother before entering the police station. He cries.

So Mun goes to see Wi Gen and asks her to show him some light, so he can see his wife one last time. She says its not possible but he insists and says without him, the evil spirit wouldn’t have been beaten. She agrees.

So Mun goes to see him at the prison and assures him he’s there for him and his family is ok. Once he leaves, he opens the territory for him so he can talk to his wife.

He goes back to the place they grew up in and then sees her, they both shed tears. She tells him she’ll always protect him and he should take his time before coming to see her.

They end up sitting down and having a conversation.

The team finds out that So Mun is leaving oversea and they’re furious but they find out So Mun wanted to do that so he could help train counters and they’d be able to defeat evil spirits better.

6 months later

as Ha Na is walking down the streets, Do Hwi shows up and gives her posters about piano, he tells her she should surely come back and she says she will.

In voiceover, she says everyone is doing well and struggling with help as per usual.

We also find out that Jae Youl passed the GED and gifted Mae Ok a present, she’s over the moon.

Wi Gen talks to So Mun who is still overseas, he talks to a woman who reconginzes he’s Korean. Then, he tells Wi Gen to close her eyes so he could show her his new friend, turns out its her daughter, they hug each other and cry.

The counter team is sent to deal with a gang, they show up there and a territory is summoned, they see So Mun who showed up from the airport, they fight together and summon the evil spirits.

The end.

“The Uncanny Counter 2” ending explained- FAQ

Did “The Uncanny Counter 2” have a happy ending?

Yes, it did. the evil spirit was beaten and Ju Seok managed to come back.

How does “The Uncanny Counter 2” end?

It ends with the team reuniting with So Mun who had gone overseas to teach other counters, the beat the gang members who were possessed by evil spirits together.

Did you like “The Uncanny Counter 2” ending”? or not?

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