“The Story Of Park’s Marriage Contract” Ending Explained- Did Tae Ha And Yeon Woo Reunite?

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“The Story Of Park’s Marriage Contract” has wrapped up its run a couple of hours ago, let us go over the finale and explain the ending.

The Story Of Park’s Marriage Contract episode 12 recap

the episode begins with Tae Ha from the past dying in Yeon Woo’s arms again. Then, the morning period begins, his mother comes to slap her but she stops her and tells her its enough, she’ll be a virtuous widow so she should knock it off.

Yeon Woo asks her father for a favor knowing she’s about to be kidnapped. She then gets kidnapped as it was predicted but the man is stopped. He runs away after they surround him and Yeon Woo goes after him to apprehend him. She does so successfully.

Thus, Tae Ha’s mother is captured by police and taken for questioning where she denies EVERY single thing but the man admits he did it at her orders. The mother retorts with how they don’t have evidence but then Tae Ha shows up and explains he took an antidote and did so to expose what his mother was trying to do.

Yeon Woo collapses after the situation wraps up.

Meanwhile, Tae Ha in the present time learns the book has changed and that the grave is no longer there, thus, he plants flowers where it was and constantly looks after it.

Back in the historical period

The man who kidnapped Yeon Woo is sentenced to death while Tae Ha’s mother is ordered to be exiled after receiving some torture. Yeon Woo goes to see and confront her, she refuses to take accountability and explains how the house and the men of the house forced her to do this.

Yeon Woo refuses to remain Tae Ha [from the past] lover, they do not remain married, he tries to convince her and explains he’s never forgotten about her since he met her when she was young but it does not change her mind.

In the present

at the hospital, Tae Ha’s heart is in top condition and he’s no longer sick, the doctor is baffled. The team holds Yeon Woo’s exhibition and her clothes are on display, they’re a huge hit.

Yeon Woo decides to intercept a king’s march and asks for his help, she explains many are trying to scheme to produce fake virtuous women for money from the government. The king and his mother listen to her and agree with her, because of her, now the laws have changed and each similar death will be examined closely to determine if it happened naturally or not.

after that happens, Tae Ha checks up on her and she says she cannot give him her heart as she’s given it to someone else, she also leaves Hanyang to go to her uncle’s place.

In the present

Tae Ha quits his CEO job, and then introduces Midam to the new CEO who was her husband in her past life.

Tae Ha then gives his assistant the chance to open a shop in a building he owns, and calls him hyung, he says its his wedding gift for both of them. Tae Ha also decides to purchase the hotel where he first met Yeon Woo.

in the past

Since Tae Ha can see she doesn’t like him, he asks if they can be friends. Yeon woo and him become good friends and hang out regularly together, however, one day he gets sick and the doctor tells her she must prepare herself since he’s not in a good condition.

Despite being sick, he asks to go on picnic again. there, he lays on her shoulders and talks about the meaning of her name and then says he knew she longed for someone who looked like him but is not him, and how he dreamt of being this man in a past dream. He says he’s sorry he couldn’t let go of her knowing this but he loved her. He asks that in the next life he meets her and they can be together, he dies in her arms.

After his funeral, She discovers the painting he drew of her and how it helped her, she cries about it once again.

In the present

Tae-Min is a spitting image of his brother now and he’s good at his job, he meets his mom and they eat lunch together.

in the past

Yeon Woo’s mother comes to pay a visit and tells her the man who kidnapped her ran off and she must come back with her but she refuses. When asking why, Yeon Woo explains the long story to her, the mother insists she must forget about him and live her life.

At night, Yeon Woo gets kidnapped again. he prepares to kill her but she narrowly escapes. When she does, he follows her into the forest where he surrounds her, she is on a cliff and decides to jump. She jumps thinking of Tae Ha hopping to reunite with him.

Tae Ha in the present sees the flowers are now gone from the tree, he’s sad about it as he suspects something terrible happened.


On another day, he visits the same location and when he turns around he finds her there, they have reunited. She tells him her longing for her helped her sculpt her fate.

The two then get married again and read their vows to each other and finish with a kiss.

the end.

The Story Of Park’s Marriage Contract ending explained- FAQ

The Story Of Park’s Marriage Contract ending review

That was hopelessly CUTE. IF I had to describe this drama in one word it would be this: CUTE.

The couple chemistry was great, I loved the secondary characters stories too. It was typical in certain places but still so much fun to watch. Se Young again nails it and Bae In Hyuk did a great job for his first ever 1st male leading role. He shined here.

Thank you to the cast and crew of this adorable drama for your hard work.

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