SBS’s “Revenant” Ending Explained- Finale [Ep 12 Recap]

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The SBS’s “Revenant” has concluded its run today, leaving fans eager to discuss its thrilling ending and the resolution of the captivating storyline. Let us go through what happened in its finale.

 “Revenant” episode 12 recap

Hae-Sang and Hong-Sae found the body and along with the final object. They can tell something went deeply wrong, so they go look for her.

San-Yeong goes to her mother’s café and she sees her friend too.

When Hae-Sang and Hong-Sae arrive, the shadow is back and it looks fine. She even receives the object with her right hand, they can tell something is wrong but go back.

Hae-Sang gets the call that his grandmother died. He goes to the hospital to see it and confronts Secretary Kim for what he’d done. He sheds tears and says she should’ve apologized to him and to them for what she’d done. They take the grandmother’s body to the NFS.

San-Yeong takes her mother back home. The next day, the mother can tell something is not right and tells her she’s not her daughter despite how nice she appears, she retorts with, ‘why would I need you if you’re that type of mom.’

The ghost keeps brushing her hair with her left hand and looks at the mirror, the real San-Yeong is trapped in another ‘dimension’ and is fighting someone who keeps trying to kill her and drag her away.

Hong-Sae then sees San-Yeong and follows her around, he sees that she visited places that sell things that can kill people. He confronts her and she asks him why does he like San-Yeong, he says its because she’s strong. He asks her to tell him what happened to her, she says, ‘its over.’

While Hae-Sang is sealing all the objects, he goes to the last place and gets stabbed by San-Yeong’s mother, the ghost had told her if she wanted to save her daughter, she must kill him but she couldn’t.

The police call Hae-Sang and Hong-Sae and they see footage of the grandmother’s suicide, she chopped one of her fingers to indicate the actual final object that they must burn in order to get rid of her.

They go back to the grandmother’s house and flip this place upside down and cannot find it. Then they get a message from San-Yeong’s mother that says she’s trying to kill her. They rush outside. The mother told the ghost they’d get rid of her and find her finger.

In that same period, the ghost inside San-Yeong goes to the place and locates the finger, Hae-Sang locks the doors, he figured out the mother wasn’t the one who sent the message because he never told her the ghost’s name. so only Hong-Sae went. Hae-Sang stayed behind.

He takes it and wants to burn it but she begins to hit the body with objects and then grabs glass parts and says she’ll kill the body if she can’t live. He puts the box down so she stabs him hard and then twists it with her legs. She is happy its over but then she sees the real San-Yeong in the mirror.

San-Yeong had figured out the person who was trying to kill her in that weird dimension, its herself. She refuses to die so she broke free and now she used the same method the ghost had used and forced the ghost to burn the box, the ghost screams in agony as it lights up the box, it eventually disappears.

After some time

San-Yeong is living her best life with her mother and friend, her mother has also changed and takes accountability more. They’re living a good life.

San-Yeong is working at the café when Hong-Sae shows up, he asks her about her blindness, she has some years left but can lose it in a year or so. She hasn’t told her mother yet and is waiting for her to get better.

Hong Sae says he was wrong, she hasn’t changed. They look outside as they’re drinking coffee as spring came.

Then San-Yeong meets with Hae-Sang and through people gossiping about him we find out that he donated hundreds of millions of dollars of his wealth, they call him crazy.

He’s at a sight that prepares the firework festival, he came here because he saw happy ghosts, Hae-Sang asks her if she stills sees ghost and she says yes.

Since this festival wards off bad ghosts and does good, the ghosts in this place look happy. Both of them look at the beautiful scene happy to see the ghosts looking happy.

The final scene shows San-Yeong’s mother hearing her husband say, ‘I am sorry,’ Hong Sae hears his sunbae detective tell him, ‘keep it up.’ It finishes with San-Yeong saying ‘okay, I will strive to survive.’

The end.

“Revenant” ending explained- frequently asked questions

Did “Revenant” have a happy ending?

Yes, it did, the evil spirit was defeated and our main leads were able to go on with lives and live happily.

How does the kdrama “Revenant” end?

The final scene shows San-Yeong’s mother hearing her husband say, ‘I am sorry,’ Hong Sae hears his sunbae detective tell him, ‘keep it up.’ It finishes with San-Yeong saying ‘okay, I will strive to survive.’

Was the evil spirit in “Revenant” caught?

Yes, she was eventually caught and basically handed the final object that could kill her to Hae-Sang. The spirit tries to kill Hae-Sang  but San-Yeong interferes and ends her using the methods she’s been using to kill those people by forcing them to commit suicide.

Who was the evil spirit in “Revenant”?

The evil spirit was not Lee Mok-Dan but her older sister Lee Hyan-Gi, she was originally chosen to be the sacrifice. However, after Lee Hyan-Gi loses her mother and her father and brother in separate incidents, she goes to retrieve her sister whom she placed in her place but also ends up getting taken as hostage and eventually killed.

SBS’s “Revenant” ending review

AMAZING, SHOWSTOPPING, Spectacular. There aren’t enough words to describe this masterpiece, I just loved it.

“Revenant” is possibly the best-written Kdrama of 2023 thus far, Kim Eun Hee has outdone herself, truly, she’s a legend and she’s the moment.

I can talk about the story’s structure and the characters for hours, honestly, the amount of effort that has gone into this is insane. I can tell the structure was planned backwards, as in the actual details came to mind first and then the rest was filled, thus, the leads trace back what happened backward. that’s some skill and something that takes a lot of time, effort, and immense talent.

This is what I mean when I say we need good writing. 12 episodes but no wasted moment, how is this possible?

“Revenant” ending was excellent in every aspect. The perfect ending.

The performances were amazing, and honestly, I think Tae Ri deserves AT LEAST, a daesang nomination, if not to win the award itself.

The thing is, this year’s nominations will be packed, especially with “Dr. Romantic 3,” the lineup for this specific time slot was astounding thus far. Regardless, I seriously think she needs to be nominated for a grand prize, at least.

Thank you for the hard work “Revenant” team, you did well, we’re proud of you.

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