MBC’s “My Dearest” Part 2 Ending Explained- Is It A Happy Ending?

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The hit MBC drama “My Dearest” has come to a conclusion after a successful run, let us talk about the finale and explain its ending.

“My Dearest” episode 21 recap

The episode begins with a man approaching a much older Ryang-Eum, he asks him about a man named Lee Jang-Hyun. He asks for his story, in turn, Ryang-Eum wants to know what happened to him.

We go back to the time Jang-Hyun and Gil-Chae were by each other’s side, he talks about the crown prince and the issues it caused, she assures him he’s done his best.

King Injo finds out someone is spreading rumors, he wants to stop them. He asks for Jang Cheol who is a respected scholar to carry the mission to find the traitors and do something about this. He pressures him into making the innocent people into traitors and threatens to expose his father’s wrongdoings in that fateful report. He has no choice but to agree.

Jang Cheol talks to Yeon-Joon and asks him to find this Jang-Hyun, he does. He also talks about how he lost his son Hyun and how he was burned beyond recognition and how he considers Yeon-Joon his son.

Yeon-Joon goes to see Jang-Hyun and poke him about how the innocent group he’s had were rebels and should be punished and he disagrees.

The group led by Yang-Chun is prosecuted in front of the king and he says they should all be investigated for holding a rite for the crown prince.

When Jang-Hyun hears this and how Jang Cheol is looking for evidence to execute these people. He goes to see him and reveals to him he’s his father. He begs him to let them go and not prosecute them. They also talk about his sister and how he ignored her suffering and killed her lover who prioritized his love for her over revenge against him.

Jang-Hyun sheds tears in front of Jang Cheol talking about how he resented him for what he’d done to his sister. He says he will go against him if he harms those people.

The king then orders Jang Cheol to kill them all so no record of them is left behind.

The prisoners escape but Yang-Chun sacrifices himself and lures the soldiers looking for them, he gets killed.

The rest of the prisoners meet with the team and led by Gil-Chae, they travel to a safe place.

The next day Jang Cheol orders Yeon-Joon to find them including his son and kill them all, now they both know who Jang-Hyun is. But he still insists on his principals and even tells Yeon-Joon to kill his son.

Ryang-Eum tries to join in and fight as he refuses to see Jang-Hyun die, but he subdues him and leaves him behind, this is why Ryang-Eum has no idea what happened to Jang-Hyun.

Jang-Hyun then faces against a huge army of scared soldiers led by Yeon-Joon. He’s badly injured and is about to die, Yeon-Joo tells the soldiers not to shoot arrows at him despite him getting away and he doesn’t look when he thinks they shot him dead.

He tells the king and Jang Cheol they’re all dead now.

Jang Cheol ends up committing suicide and the king also kills himself. Yeon-Joon also tries to commit suicide but is saved by his wife. When he wakes up with his wife and Gil-Chae by his side, he admits he never saw him die but she should go and ask where his body is at.

Eun-Ae decides to leave to Neunggun-ri, he asks if he can come along and she agrees. He cries and hugs her.

Gil-chae goes on foot to find him, she asks the old man who explains he’s not dead but he left trying to find his lover. She re-traces his steps and asks around, she discovered he fell for her the moment he saw her. Eventually, she remembers what she said to him about what place she wanted to live, so she finds a similar location. Once she arrives, she finds him there but he cannot recognize her.

Gil-chae tells him she’s here to find her handsome husband but he says he doesn’t know. He allows her to stay the night.

The next day, she wakes up and finds him by the sea, she goes to him and tells him about her husband, she says, “I have to find him. So please help me. I’ll describe my husband, so think if you’ve seen someone similar. My husband was very handsome. He always kept his promises. He once asked me how we should live, and he said he wanted to build a thatched house next to a stream, make mulberry wine in the fall, and drink it together in the winter. I have something I really want to tell my husband. If we meet again, I want to say it. And he has to hear my husband’s answer,” recalling what Jang-hyun had said.

Lee Jang-hyun asked Yoo Gil-chae, “What did you think when you first saw me?” and she replied, “I didn’t think anything. What about you?” Lee Jang-hyun said, “I heard a rare sound,” remembering what he had said.

At that moment, Gil-chae dropped a ring in front of Jang-hyun and said, “In my dream, it felt like a nobleman was coming to me.” Suddenly, Jang-hyun stroked Yoo Gil-chae’s head, and she cried out, “Husband, Gil-chae is here.” Gil-chae said, “Now answer me. What sound did you hear that day?” and Jang-hyun, recalling the memory, cried.

Jang-hyun said, “You waited, right? I’ve been waiting for you here for a very long time,” and embraced Gil-chae.


The end

“My Dearest” ending explained- FAQ

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