“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Ending Explained: Episode 16 Recap And Review

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“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” has aired its last episode today, here is a recap of the finale and its ending explained.

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” episode 16 recap

The episode begins with a focus on Tae Su-Mi’s son who sees his mom working with an employee regarding the Raon situation. He comes up to her and confesses he’s done it. However, he finds out that his mother will protect him, he tries to convince her to let him get punished but she asks him not to and yells at him.

CEO Han Seon-Young joins the team for the Raon case moving forward and Jang Seung-Jun takes credit for the idea that Woo Young-Woo came up with. Chan Hong gets appointed as the CEO while Bae In-Cheol remains in intensive care.

Choi Su-Yeon and Kwon Min-Woo go to visit Jung Myeong-Seok who reveals his ex-wife is coming to see him. They leave once she does. He ends up bringing up getting back together, she’s reluctant because she knows his hard work was the reason behind his health declining, he say he will seriously consider leaving Hanibada.

Kwon Min-Woo meets with Tae Su-Mi and tells her he’s quitting what she asked of him, she asked him to make her either quit or get fired. He says he ‘wants to live like a fool.’

At night, Woo Young-Woo is handed an envelope from Taesan recruiting her to leave to the U.S. Lee Jun-Ho sees this happening and is puzzled as to why they approached her, he wanted to tell her he’s against their breakup but doesn’t get the chance to.

At home, her father tells her about whats going on and how CEO Han Seon-Young plans on revealing this to the press, she’s heartbroken. She doesn’t understand why she must hide because of her mother.

At trial, Taesan’s side reveals Raon neglected to inform users of the data breach and the initial trial doesn’t go well. At her office, Woo Young-Woo is surprised to learn her half-brother has come to see her. He wants to confess because he didn’t know his actions would be this catastrophic. He tried to go to police but his mother is powerful enough to make things go her way and he wants to stop her.

He reveals that Chan Hong is the one who told him to hack into the data so Bae In-Cheol can snap back into his senses. He later asked Choi Sang-Hyeon for the data but he encrypted them because he sensed something was off.

Woo Young-Woo contemplates what to do and eventually shows his confession tape to the other lawyers. They’re reluctant to use this against them because they represent the CEO, however, Woo Young-Woo says they don’t represent him but the company Raon. Eventually, in court, they expose the video. They told the board of Raon about this and they dismissed him from the CEO position. Bae In-Cheol had woken up and vows to do whatever he can to punish him if its true.

The judge decides to not admit the tape as evidence and asks Hanibada to correction of party representative. She also overrules Hanibada’s request to have the child stand as a witness.

Back a the office, the entire team is waiting for Choi Sang-Hyeon’s text, he tells them he can’t testify because he’s leaving for the U.S. CEO Han Seon-Young wants to go with exposing the video but Woo Young-Woo is against this idea and tells the CEO she’ll convince her herself. She gives her a chance.

Lee Jun-Ho and Woo Young-Woo leave to go see her before the hearing for her candidacy. they’re stuck in traffic and Lee Jun-Ho decides to say he’s against their breakup, he says, ‘its like unrequited love for a cat,’ and says he basically wants to be with her regardless of that because of the amazing moments they shared. Tae Su Mi agreed to see her so before she goes, before she gets off, she tells him cat do love their owners and that they shouldn’t break up.

She meets Tae Su-Mi and tells her that her son should be allowed to testify, he think she’s a good mom who is now blinded by her want to succeed. She tells her, ‘please be a good mother towards him.’

she agrees he testifies in court on conditions and they arrest Chan Hong. Tae Su-Mi ends up stepping down and says her son will be punished for his actions and since no data breach happened, the lawsuit filed by the people was dismissed.

All of our lawyers get together and celebrate including Jung Myeong-Seok and his wife.

Woo Young-Woo ends up getting accepted as a full-time attorney at Hanibada. She feels a sense of fulfillment.

The end.

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“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” season two… when is it getting released?

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is in talks to return with season two. On the morning August 17, an official from the ENA Wednesday-Thursday drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” told Herald POP that “We are discussing about season 2 of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

ENA has not yet revealed when they plan on returning with season two.

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” episode 16 review

that was a cute ending that basically sort of wraps up almost everything nicely.

The first thing I want to comment on is how happy I am with the way CEO Han Seon-Young dealt with Tae Su-Mi. She could have easily been so petty and annoying about it but she wasn’t. She remained relatively level-headed and even listened to Woo Young-Woo’s suggestions on a couple of occasions. She really let her off easily. I actually sort of like her character.

I wished we saw Woo Young-Woo interact with her brother a bit more but there is room for that in season two.

I am also happy that Jun Ho and Young Woo ended up together, while I wouldn’t have minded that not happening, I still think they’re so cute together. Jun Ho is not an easy character to replicate. I know my opinion is in the minority and I know a lot of people would have been livid if they didn’t end up together. I also know the screenwriter is well aware of this.

Him comparing their relationship to an unrequited love towards a cat was a nice touch. I think this might mean season two will happen when he’s back from service.

I still had some issues with the drama’s direction but I think the last episode did such a good job that I almost forgot they existed. I guess this is the magic of wrapping up things nicely. When you do that, people will forget most of the things they didn’t agree with, on the other hand, poorly wrapping up a drama will only amplify past writing mistakes or miss-steps.

I didn’t like that Choi Su-Yeon and Kwon Min-Woo developed into a romantic relationship. I also didn’t like the redemption arc of Kwon Min-Woo. The actor behind him is amazing and I understand the direction the screenwriter decided to take with him, but I felt the character was an ass on many occasions that usually give out what type of character one is. Many of what he’s done towards Young Woo is cruel, him turning tides because he’s falling for a co-worker who wants better doesn’t mean a thing to me. Change must come from within, from him realizing that he f*cked up with her and sought to destroy her.

About season two…. I am not the biggest fans of seasons, something many of you are probably aware of if you read my blog every once and a while. I believe the novelty of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” lied in its surprise factor when you saw it the first time, I don’t know if that can necessarily be replicated. But again, nostalgia and a popular IP can do wonders.

I am aware that it has now become a huge phenomenon and it would be stupid not to capitalize on that. I just hope that they don’t extend the drama beyond comprehension and I hope the next season will have around 8 to 10 episodes, I think anything above that would be a bit much. I already thought the drama ran for a little too long.

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