“Evillive” Ending Explained- Who Killed Who In The End?

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“Evillive” has wrapped up its run earlier today, here is a recap of its finale episode [episode 10] and the ending explained.

Evillive episode 10 recap

The episode begins with Dong-Soo coming to see Beom-Jae inside the interrogation room. He tells his younger brother to shut up and not do anything. Beom-Jae asks if he’s killed Moon Sang Guk. Do-Young told him his brother killed him. when questioned, Dong-Soo does not react nicely but does not deny it.

Beom-Jae wants to take the fall and say he killed the man, but Dong-Soo is against it.

Do-Young gets introduced for the event with investors regarding the opening of the various things including gambling locations and such. He’s then told Beom-Jae is in police custody.

When Dong-Soo gets back home, his wife asks him whats going on. He refuses to speak.

The next day, he goes to see detective Ma and tells him the truth, but he lies and says the body of the woman they’d been looking for is still in his house. He says he’ll confess and turn himself in for everything he helped Do-Young with.

Do-Young is told Beom-Jae made a statement and he’ll likely take the fall, so he asks his righthand man to kill the Family Gang and also Dong Soo.

When detective Ma calls Dong Soo back and tells him he cannot arrest Do-Young just like that, he lies and says Do-Young is moving Yang Ho’s body and its inside his residence. If they catch him the act of trying to dispose of the body, they have a case so the detective goes there.

The hacker Dong Soo hired deletes and intercepts all CCTV at Do-Young’s home.

Do-Young’s righthand man goes to kill the gang but they’re ambushed and he’s killed. When Do-Young calls, he can tell something went terribly wrong. As he’s trying to leave his house, various men with knives enter and try to kill him. they injure him badly, really badly.

The detective enters the premise to investigate and hears sounds. He comes inside and sees him there, he asks him to surrender and he calls for backup, but then a man from behind stabs him fatally.

Do-Young is angry and can tell this is a setup because now a cop is dead.

Turns out Dong Soo planned all of this in order to frame Do-Young for killing a cop thus making his return even more difficult, he planned this with the Family Gang leader and the assemblyman too.

Do-Young is injured and barely escapes before police shows up. He runs away from them as they look for him. meanwhile, the assemblyman smoothies things over and says he should be arrested for what he’d done.

The assemblyman wants to replace him with Dong soo.

Dong soo meets with the hacker, he had promised him he’d run things and make more money.

The next day, Beom-Jae is released. He finds out the detective is dead and blames his brother for it as soon as he’s out. He says they should never meet again.

Later, Dong Soo meets with the police commissioner who also agrees to handle things efficiently and the murder of the detective falls on Do Young.

When Dong Soo goes back home, his wife asks him, but he avoids answering. She pressures him this time, and threatens to leave. He shows her mountains of cash he made in just one week. She tells him he’s changed too much and leaves him there alone.

The next day, Beom-Jae visits his mother’s grave and also the immigration office. He plans to leave with his daughter. However, once he goes back home Do Young is there waiting for him.

At night, Dong Soo is called and told to come to a place before his brother dies. He shows up with a gun this time.

He goes to confront him but he gets stabbed and blindsided. The two men end up fighting as he shoots the gun and Do Young attempts to get a hold of it. After a huge fight, Dong Soo wins and shoots Do Young in the chest and says, ‘its ruined because of you, you j*rk.’

When he goes to check up on his brother, he finds him half dead. Beom-Jae tells him to ‘let it go and live peacefully.’ He dies in his arms.

He keeps weeping and holding his brother’s body. After some time, he sees the gun still has one bullet, he decides to almost shoot himself.

3 years later

Dong Soo is still an attorney who fights for the underdogs. After winning a trial, he speaks to the press outside and he’s asked about if he plans to run for office. He says he does not know yet, but if he does, he wants to put an end to the gangs and bad guys who now operate illegal gambling sites. He wants to also prevent similar deaths like what happened to his brother.

Once he wraps up, he goes to see the Family Gang leader, he’s still working with them.

He goes back to his house, this house is where Do Young used to live. He drinks alone at home, he has a big picture of his happy family on the wall but he’s all alone. He drops the base ball Do Young kept, then he sees his ghost who says, ‘a person fighting a monster should be careful not to become one. When you gaze into the monster’s heart, he also gazes back to you.’

Dong Soo freezes for a moment but then goes back to sit on his chair and drink.

The end.

“Evillive” Ending Explained- FAQ

“Evillive” finale review

I think we can all collectively agree that Dong Soo is CARAZYYYYYY. What was that?

Omg, he’s truly ruthless, nearly as ruthless as Do young if not more.

I mean its one thing when you know you crazy but its another when you try to justify your crazy behavior. That’s a different level of mental gymnastics.

I kinda expected this ending, and knew Beom-Jae would die.

I am surprised he didn’t mention his daughter in his last speech, I mean I would guess you’d think about your daughter not your sociopath brother who just killed someone in front of you, but what do I know.

I felt Beom-Jae was going to die and serve as a punishment for Dong soo in some sense, but at this point, Dong soo is gone. Money transformed him into what he really was and its ugly.

Overall, I liked this drama.

Young Kwang performance as the bad guy has no dull moment, even though I just saw him playing a villain, I don’t mind him playing a villain again in his next work. That’s how entertaining he is.

Jae Ha does great as per usual and he makes a good team with Ha Kyun who is always on his A game, you can never go wrong with picking Ha Kyun, he always gives 110%, its as if he’s giving his final performance each time he performs.

A great drama overall.

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