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KBS drama “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” has aired its last episode on November 26 to mixed reactions from fans. While “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” ending is considered mostly a happy ending, the execution left a sour after-taste. so what just happened? and why did the ending generate such mixed reactions from fans?

Note: below is a spoiler summary recap of “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” episode 16. It also includes a review, it’s a personal opinion so take it with a grain of salt.

“Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” episode 16 recap

The first half of “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” final episode was mostly positive. Ra Ra continued to work hard and live her fullest while Jun focused on his alleged studies overseas, the couple would keep in contact via phone calls. While Ra Ra was under the impression that he’s okay, he was in the hospital going through a difficult time receiving treatment for his cancer. Meanwhile, grandpa wakes up.

Ra Ra wants to propose to Jun, so she prepares an event for Christmas and he tells her he’s supposed to meet her then with the rest of the family and their friends.

They agree to perform a duet of their fav piano composition. He doesn’t show up and instead, a video recording of him playing alongside her plays in the background.

After the event ends, Jun’s mom comes in wearing black clothes and breaks the news that Jun has passed away. She gives her a letter and says he kept it a secret because he was afraid she’d worry about him and he ‘didn’t want her to see him ill.’ She says that despite his blood cancer diagnosis, she gave him strength to go through difficult times.

Everybody who was close to Jun or interacted with him are not only taken aback by the news but grieve a lot over the news of his sudden passing.

5 years later [because why not at this point]

Ha Young and Seung Ki have married and had a baby together, Ra Ra takes their baby to a gathering they had, the married couple talk about how they don’t want to stay married anymore, jokingly….

It turns out that grandpa has passed away too. The family remembers Jun and the grandpa.

Eun Seok and his ex-wife are revealed to have been dating secretly for the past five years, he finally decides to propose to her by giving her lettuce plants they can raise together. He tells her he took it slow because of their previous failed marriage. He later tells Ra Ra.

On another day, Ra Ra is playing the piano when Jun appears in front of her wearing a suit. She is shocked to her core. Later, they sit on a view and she asks him if he’s real [no shit sis!], he says he is and he didn’t want to worry her, he said, “I wanted to wait until I fully recovered.”

Not fully convinced, she asks again if he’s a ghost. He kisses her to prove he’s real.

The end.

“Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” Episode 16 Review

And that’s how ladies and gents, you ruin a drama.

I had low expectations after I found out the screenwriter is the same one who wrote “My Secret, Terrius” wrote this, but nothing could’ve prepared me for the abomination of an ending that was. It will go down in history as one of the most disappointing endings in my opinion in kdrama land.

I just want to sit down with screenwriter Oh Ji Young and have a chat. I am legitimately curious about the thought process that went into her head writing this. I just want to know, why? Please, I am seriously asking, why???

I want to know her age because I hardly doubt someone over the age of 25 would write something even similar to this.

I accidentally stumbled upon spoilers before watching so I was already prepared for the worst, so I wasn’t entirely convinced he died. The dialogue and the entire way the episode was written is…. as politely as I can say… nonsensical. There is no logical explanation to this.

I also want to know, did Lee Jae Wook pick this script knowing she was going to turn his character into this barely grown-up high-school student? I am also legitimately curious about this particular point.

The thing is, kdramas are written as they’re filmed so the screenwriters usually write down the first couple of episodes before filming begins, at least that’s the idea I have, but usually they finish up as the drama is getting filmed. This is the reason why many kdramas go downhill pretty fast during its second half.

It’s like the screenwriter is trying her best to be different but can’t come up with the concept to do it, she comes up with an idea but doesn’t know how to follow up on the initial action/reaction.

If this ever happens in real life, anyone with a brain wouldn’t react the way Ra Ra did. If it happened to me, I’d hug them and make sure they’re ok and this would be the last time we’d ever see each other. Also, how did the mother go along with this trick and went up to the woman who loves her son to lie to her that he’s dead???

I don’t understand how he could’ve loved her so much but hid the fact that he had cancer during this time, he could’ve been through the treatment with her, had it been a success then cool, if not, sad but expected. It’s a happy ending in its core but damn, it makes no sense. He lied to all those people who all think he’s dead, he missed his chance to say goodbye to grandpa had he been there before he died and for what? cause he didn’t want to worry her?

And why that 5 years? so his character is old enough we won’t feel weird about shipping them together? why, please, why?

Personally, a sadder ending would’ve made a sloppy but more logical ending. That resurrection is sooo something that someone who has just started writing would do. I can’t begin to comprehend how this was aired on a major Korean network.



it could be that Jun is actually still dead but Ra Ra has lost her mind, imagine if this was what the writer meant for real… imagine.  

Beautiful acting, great cinematography but terrible script. It could’ve been average but that ending ruined whatever chance it had at redeeming itself. While I don’t usually have the highest expectations for rom-coms since it’s an exhausted genre, I still had higher expectations for “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol.”

So these are my thoguhts on “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” ending, what did you guys think of it? are you happy with the ending or not?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. I bawled in my snack. Then Jun turns up. I thought Ra Ra was having a fantasy- but oh no; Jun was live and living flesh. What is going on?!!! I blame the possessive mother. What else.

  2. Agreed. I love lee jae wook, but this was so disappointing for his first male lead role, they wasted him and his talent/potential. Overall, they made go ara’s character too dumb and ditzy that their romance already strained the imagination. He would have been better off in that fake seaweed kdrama from www:search.

  3. I completely agree. The whole vibe of the series and Jun’s character did a 180° flip from ep 14 onwards. It went from being uplifting, heart-warming and refreshing in a year like 2020 to illogical, depressing and downright mean. For Rara to lose 2 beautiful men who championed her within the space of a year-ish was just too cruel. For a character like Jun with great emotional intelligence to become so irrational and inconsiderate of Rara and all his very close friend’s feelings was just absurd. It’s actually made me really cranky that something that started so well crashed like that. I could have a word with that writer and bash their sordid ending.

    1. Just finished watching! Whaaaat! I CANNOT believe they ended it that way. Should have Jun show up as a ghost, or RARA dies and is reunited with Jun. shocking, and UnBelievable!

  4. Terrible ending and it made no sense that someone would lie about their death and hurt their loved ones and then show up five years later, not apologizing but with a smile on his face like it was nothing. Personally, a perfect ending would be that he died and every time she plays his favorite song his spirit shows up to spend a few moments with her. Then when she is old and we see her wrinkled hands playing the same song, she dies at the piano, wakes up and she is young and he is there waiting for her. (like Titanic)

  5. Yes, this year’s endings are something I have to say. A couple comes to mind – Record of Youth, this one, tomorrow I fear the worst for More than friends. And if they kill Start up I promise – I will shift to Chinese dramas forever. Ok, maybe not so radical – to Taiwanese then :).

  6. terrible Ending!! like what!! he died then came back as if it was a normal thing ! Now i hate this drama because it doesn’t make sense. I feel that i’ve wasted 16 hours of my life. Just Why?????!!!!

  7. I actually don’t mind the ending. I think it was well thought out. The story of Mr. Kim and his wife was always supposed to be a foreshadowing of Jun and Ra-Ra. Mr. Kim and his wife were separated for 5 years before they got married. So the 5 year gap was intentional and I knew would happen at some point. I think his action of leaving everyone behind and lying about his death was self sacrificing because he wanted them to move on with his life without them. He probably thought he was going to die anyway. And didn’t want them to suffer with the pain and uncertainty of waiting. (I don’t agree with the choice but Jun was always trying to protect Ra-ra)
    Waiting until he was fully recovered also makes sense because she might have moved on and had a new life and it takes about 4 years to confirm if you are cancer free. In the meantime, Jun grows up and becomes a more socially “acceptable age” to date and marry Ra-Ra. So it ties together, in a way. Obviously, a more screen time with the two of them at the end would be great but the final dialogue sums up their feelings and future. Ra-Ra thanks Jun for coming back and Jun summarizes how Ra-Ra and that summer gave him the strength to live and survive cancer and return to Ra-Ra.

    1. Yeah wow reading your interpretation of it does actually make sense , it sheds a different light then what we were all thinking . I agree with everyone , the ending kinda stopped me from having a closure with the drama and I like my closures please , but your interpretation gives a new aspect to things not to mention gives desperate people like me something to not fully hate the ending. Thanks .

    2. I love your interpretation. And I agree and feel the exact same way. But I do have some conflicting thoughts. Though I have now accepted the ending, I would have preferred if his mom had NOT told Ra-ra Jun was dead. And as others have suggested, I don’t think that was all his mom’s doing. I think Jun had a huge say in how he wanted to handle his own illness. I just got that vibe from his mom. She was controlling, but she loved him dearly and was honestly heartbroken by his illness.

      Jun didn’t want Ra-ra to wait.. just in case. I get it. And I don’t know how he could have separated himself from her any other way because if she’d known he was sick, she would have been there right beside him and he didn’t want that. But to tell her he was dead just felt so wrong. It was cruel. After Jun lost his best friend and mourned him the way he did (he even ran from home and all the things that hurt him because of it), to do that to Ra-ra felt so wrong. And let her believe it for five years! However, you’re right. He was always trying to protect Ra-ra and maybe in his mind, letting her go was the only way he knew she would fully let him go. That was his way of protecting her – just in case. I’m sure in his state of mind at that point, he probably wasn’t thinking about the future. He was thinking about the fact he was supposed to show up at Christmas and he couldn’t. There would probably be many, many more times just like that and he thought it wouldn’t be fair to Ra-ra and the rest of his friends for them to constantly be worrying and waiting… as you said. But telling them he was dead was a huge gamble, because there was always a chance that when he came back, Ra-ra would reject him for such a cruel lie. But then again, Jun always hid things from her, so this wasn’t fully unexpected.

      My thoughts are, how is Ra-ra to know he wont hide things from her again?

      I did love how when he walked in the door, he looked and acted more confident than ever before. He smiled and stood tall. He was always mature in my opinion, but he was still “young” in mind, as was portrayed by his constant running away from things. I saw in just one scene a more stable, mature man. So that was encouraging.

      I really have so many conflicting thoughts. I understand… but I don’t, lol. Maybe that was the intention of the writer. To make you think long after the drama has ended. If the ending is too clean, there’s no obsessing over it, wondering over it, or thinking about it.

      Either way, I kind of disagree with how the ending was handled but I absolutely LOVED the drama. From beginning to end, I was invested. I loved Jun and I loved Ra-ra. Both Go Ara and Lee Jae Wook did a fantastic job!

    3. Well said. Now I sort of understand why the writer chose age 18 or 19 for the main lead. As I read somewhere that people with leukemia has higher chances of surviving if less than 20 years old. Maybe the writer did have the leukemia plot in her mind from the beginning. The show could have added an extra 5min to the show to explain further and to let all the fans calm down a little though. But the show to me is very nice. The ending maybe a bit rushed, atleast they got a happy ending. Lets just think of Rara having her happy ending. I also will not classify the whole show as bad because of the ending, I just remember the love, laughter, friendship and music it drawn me to it in the first place

    4. Just finished watching the last episode and like everyone else was in shock and went through a lot of crying. But thank you for explaining it so well. It all makes sense. Their story was like Mr Kim’s and his wife. Mr Kim did see his wife after 5 years.
      Thanks for also letting us know it takes 4 years before one can say they are cancer free.
      But like you I would have loved to have a few more minutes at the end and savor the two of them being reunited.
      I loved the acting, the cast, the many pieces played on the piano. Everything!
      At least my heart feels lighter after your logical explanation.
      I was sad people bashed the show and the main character Jun. I wish him many future successes. Ra-Ra was adorable and a great actress as well.
      Many thanks.

  8. If only they had added a few more scenes where Jun gets a chance to explain what exactly happened and where the hell he was for five years! What could possibly be the reason for his mother to lie about him being dead?!
    Or was it an open ending where we are supposed to wonder did Jun really come back or did Rara lose her mind?
    The ending is supposed to leave us satisfied… Like we would feel after a delicious meal.
    I am still hungry. :((((((((((

  9. As a creative writer, I can only agree with this reviewer! The last two episodes were a waste. You can’t ask an audience to suspend its disbelief to such a degree! I just feel so sorry for Go A-ra, knowing that her talent was wasted in such a way!

  10. I just want to say something: English is not my first language, so if there are any mistakes I’m really sorry. I tried my best eheh

    To be honest, i really liked the drama. It was funny and easy to watch, I watched it in like 3 days.
    There wasn’t a love triangle between the characters, they were quite straightforward and honest.
    But it all got downhill when the mother found Jun. I mean, I know she loved him because he’s her son obviously, but the fact that she ruined his life just got on my nerves. But let’s say that I accepted all that drama because it’s one of kdramas’ cliche and it’s basically how the drama started, with the mom opposed to her son’s wedding.
    So it was quite ok. Then he broke up with her: I honestly thought it really was because of studies, maybe he had to go to school in the US, but then something made me feel something was off.. I basically knew there was something else to it and I was ready to cry my heart out.
    And I did it, the moment they made me understand he was ill, I cried for like an hour.
    I was so sad that every scene in where they made all those flashbacks I totally skipped them because they made me cry even more.
    Said that, I knew how it was gonna end, him dead and her living her life while keeping Jun in her memories. I though it was gonna end like this, just like Uncontrollably Fond ended, but then BOOM: the last episode came in.
    They were happy with their relationship, he still didn’t tell her anything about his illness and everything was going rather ok.
    Then the mother went to RaRa’s studio (?) and told her Jun was dead. I expected it, but I cried, i mean it was sad. I don’t know if it was because of his acting skills or because he was my age or for both reasons, but I really loved Jun. By the way, I cried my heart out for the rest of the episode.
    I thought it was gonna end like this, and I was satisfied. I was angry ok, but it was a logic ending. Then the last 6/7 minutes: Jun is alive. I was like: whAT? He’s alive? And for like 5 years he didn’t tell anything? So he went through all that alone? He could have been with everyone, happy together and gaining more strength from all of his friends ???? I thought about the fact that her mother told her he died sometime before that Christmas night, so who did she talk to on her phone? Did he stop calling her? Was the mother the one talking to her? When exactly did Jun die?
    I was shocked and absolutely confused. I thought RaRa may be dreaming, so I expected to see her waking up from her dream, maybe she fell asleep on her piano, but no. It ended like this, and I didn’t like it. Obviously I love happy endings, but they have to be right. You can’t tell me they never ever visited his grave in 5 years, at least during the first year from his death you’re supposed to visit him. I mean, isn’t it common sense?
    I don’t know if the writer changed the final just to make everyone happy, but this totally ruined the drama.
    I think they could have done something else, something like a car accident and Jun in coma, not being able to wake up for 5 years. That would have been a rather smart trick to finish the drama with a good ending, him waking up and finally living with his loved ones.
    I don’t know, i really liked the drama but this final left me really disappointed.
    I hope the writer reads some reviews and learns from her mistakes, so that she won’t do something like this again.

  11. i loved this drama, and then the ending happened! it did seem very abrupt, almost as if writer was asked to change the ending to a happy one, after folks were disappointed with record of youth ending, ha ha! but for a moment there, i thought maybe Ra Ra passed on to the other side, and Jun came to pick her up, both being dead! Now that is my overactive imagination. but i agree with one other commenter where the whole drama started to go downhill around episode 14, with the entry of the other girl, and how Jun hid so much from the ppl he loved, after showing so much emotional maturity, it didn’t flow with his character. Most of all, i really couldn’t believe he was only 19 then (ha ha he is only 22 in reality, which boggled my mind too when i looked that up). But all in all, even with the weird ending, i’m glad he was back, and i honestly love this actor. there is something about him that makes you want to watch him. He is really talented! also Go Ara, this was one of her best dramas. i actually found her character really annoying in some other dramas that i actually avoided watching her dramas. but i watched this because of Lee Jae Wook, and i’m glad i did. my opinion on Go Ara also changed. she has a range in acting, and i’m glad she took this one on. It changed her from annoying to a good actor.

  12. I think everyone missed s very important line… while Rara was playing Jun’ song right before he came in she said that as always she paid the song and imagines that he is coming home like he used to. I think the ending was meant to be open to viewers interpretation but that the fact is we were seeing raras imagination of how she wished things could be as she paid the piano. As in- he is dead. But her heart wishes he would walk in the door and it would all be some big trick.

    Otherwise things would have been explained… why did his mom go along with it? Why didn’t he just break up with her? Why didn’t he tell mr Kim when he always took him the truth about everything?

    Those things were not explained because the scene of Jin returning wasn’t real. It was just rara’s wishful thinking as she was playing the piano for jun… as she said herself when she told the audience “I play and imagine him coming home again”

  13. I honestly don’t think I would have finished this show if I would have known. SERIOUSLY they need some kind of warning for viewers… hey get ready and bring the whole box of tissues. At that point, I would have said no thank you. It wasn’t too bad of a series until the last couple of episodes. I mean WHAT?!?!?!?!

    I understand Amy’s theory about her imagining him walking through the door, but that was thrown out of the window when it was night and he kissed her. That to me could be one of 2 things… she has gone crazy or he did show back up.

    I mean he was on the run from his parents before. Did he actually fake his death with his parents too? If so…ugh! But I don’t even recall the mother actually saying he was dead. She said He was too sick for a long time and the recording was made a month ago. And he couldn’t be there. But RaRa said he is dead? and the mother cried even harder and gave her the teacup and letter.

    This drama has made me want to focus on Chinese and Taiwanese Dramas for a while. At least then I don’t have to worry about it turning into a telanovella.

  14. The ending made no sense, was illogical and just, plain wrong. Like someone else said it’s better if they put him in a 5 year comma, without all the emotional manipulation! That was horrible to watch. Yo he pretended he was dead, who does that? That doesn’t show how much he cares, went insane maybe?! I wondered why Rara didn’t go visit his grave, how convenient, because noone is insane enough to pretend their son is dead?! And have a fake grave stone/vault put up, honestly ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️

  15. After numerous viewings of DoDoSolSolLaLaSol I have come up with the true ending, I deeply believe.
    In the end both leads have died. RaRa many years after Jun. if you listen closely her VO is in an elderly voice.When she says “ Aren’t I so cool, pretty” you here it clearly that she is an old woman saying those words.
    They are in an idealistic scene with no other people anywhere. Jun is in all black. Upon her death she meets her beloved as they were when they were in love, young and vibrant. Even Mimi is still a young dog.
    Jun NEVER answers her directly that he is not a ghost. He acknowledges that he is “really here” meaning He is really with her in spirit. They have been reunited in death.

    1. I agree with you!! It reminded me of the Titanic movie ending where Jack meets Rose at the staircase and they both are young again. This ending shows her reunion with him—AFTER she has passed.

  16. From my screen writers standpoint the last episodes are just not good. Don’t introduce a new obstacle in the third act. All of a sudden he has cancer??? Truth be told the drama was great at the beginning but it started going downhill for me personally when it was revealed that he was 19 years old.
    I kind of feel he was 19 years old for no reason at all. Like think about it, would’ve made a difference had he been in college at the ripe old age of 22 (his actual age at the time of filming) And maybe he ran away because his friend died and he he was having a hard time processing it all. Shoot, Ra-ra was a little weird about his age at first but she got over that real quick. So, once again, why introduced that as a obstacle?

    I’m also asking myself why bring up the topic of having cancer in the first place? We don’t even get to process the trials and tribulations of having such an illness. And more importantly the uncertain outcome. Having a life-threatening illness deserves an entire show. Or at least it should be something that was introduced in the second act. It was introduced in third act where you’re should focused on wrapping up the plot introduced from the first act.

    And don’t get me started on the end. I have so many questions. True, the mom did not explicitly say that her son had died but she didn’t dispute it either, so why? Also, why put everybody through that if he’s not dead? He said he wanted to make sure he fully recovered but in he off chance that he did recover now he has to cry wolf? Why not just say he’s not coming back so that he can focus on his studies? Like he did before. And nobody confirm this in the five years that had passed? Because if you told me that the love of my life died I’m going to want to go to the funeral, or at least have a grave to visit. They showed Ra-ra visiting her parents graves, so it’s not like she has a phobia of graveyard. And he comes back with open arms and no explanation?? Dude you just told everybody who loves you that you were dead!! And we don’t even get to see the reactions when everyone else finds out.

    Now, let’s just say she lost her mind and she was seeing an apparition of him. Why did The writers make him answer her? I can only dispel my disbelief so much. It would’ve been nice if they were showed that this was something that he continue to do in the afterlife every time he heard her play his favorite song. Where she couldn’t see him but we could.

    All in all I don’t hate this drama. I’m just so passionate about it because it started off so well. It honestly had the potential to be one of my favorites because the acting was great. And I love stories about characters starting over from rock-bottom and meeting friends, and love, and purpose along the way. So i’m just disappointed.

  17. I loved the characters of Ra Ra and Jun. They did a great job, were funny and quirky. I confess, when I got to Episode 14 and another girl showed up, I started to rethink things. Then, the next episode, things slowly got sorted out and they added another twist. When I saw the “coming events” at the end of Episode 15 – I decided to stop watching the show. I know, only one more episode to go, but who needs the stress of “real life” grief in a show. I watch shows for the “happy ever after” effect. So, after reading all these comments, I think I made the right choice. Jun and RaRa live on in Eunpo with all their “family”! 🙂

  18. The main reason I got tired of kdrama is that most story looks alike
    And annoyingly the ending makes you so angry
    I don’t want to watch a drama that would make me guess the ending I want to enjoy the story

    And it alwys seems every episodes changes to suit what the audience want
    I hate a sad ending ending drama
    How can a character goes from mature to a toddler just because they found out his age
    His attitude and maturity made them believe he’s 24
    How can you turn him into a dummy

  19. A whole two years after its release, I’m here, in the vast and endless sea of the internet, searching for an explanation for this horrid, nonsensical and disturbing ending. I had bypassed this drama as it did not appeal to my taste (because time and time again, I’ve confirmed through my own experience that most dramas that take place in small towns have a great chunk of them dedicated to pure fillers. Like side stories of small characters that could have been left out because usually they don’t have a real direct impact to the main story – and you just end up fast forwarding all the scenes anyway, wishing they could have cut the episode count in half and just focused on the main story). But, after watching several dramas of different genres, I thought I’d watch a light-hearted drama like this one, with actors I really like. I was so happy to have given it a try, thinking, “why hadn’t I watched this…it’s so nice and romantic.” I really like the main characters – it’s a drama so it doesn’t have to be 100% realistic or where would the fun be? The only reason the story is made into a drama is because it’s actually fantastical is some way. Anyway, even when they shocked us with Jun’s age I still believed. I’ve only dated younger guys (maybe because I’m a bit immature myself…possessing some Ra-Ra-ish traits in the gullible sense), and when I was 23 I dated a guy who’d just turned 20. – we dated for 2 1/2 years. It was great! He was so mature for his age and I did not feel the age gap at all! Maybe it’s different in Korea because in the US this age gap is not something so far-fetched. Anyway, I was also fine with the usual clichés, like the rich parents being possessive and careless of the kid’s feelings. I was even fine with Jun’s whole faking a relationship with a new girl idea just so that Ra RA would get over him – maybe he was going to do what Ra Ra did – she studied piano to please her dad then at graduation she gave it up. Maybe to please his parents, he was going to go to med school and then once he was an adult (I have to remind myself that an adult in Korea is not one who is 18 or older), he would leave his practice and look for Ra Ra (because in this utopian world Ra Ra would still be single and waiting for him). This was a plan which started to make him seem a bit more his age because how do you break up like that?! Just tell her you want to break up, don’t just break her heart by lying and then still break it some more by telling you want out…but Jun is 19 and that is what a 19 year old guy would do – even a 30 year old guy would do this…I know a few guys who would totally lie like that. Even when they oddly introduced a brand new obstacle towards the end, like him having cancer, I was like okay, they did tell us his nose bled a lot. Like Ra Ra called him “nosebleed.” So, maybe that was a foreshadowing of his illness? And when they told us the story about the grandpa and his wife, it was an obvious foreshadowing of Jun & Ra Ra’s relationship – because it would not be a Korean drama if they don’t split the main characters in the last few episodes to send them to study abroad like there aren’t any good universities in Korea or something. Like why when everything is working out so well, they need to send the characters abroad? Anyway, he has cancer and must be treated…understood. By this time, you already knew something bad was going to happen because again, it’s a Korean drama and do they ever really have truly happy endings? Anyway, when Jun sent the video of him playing the piano – that’s when it became clear he had died (at least to me). He had been so weak from his treatment and yes, he had proven to be a liar on multiple occasions but would he really lie to say he was coming when he wasn’t? No, it doesn’t fit the profile so when the mom showed up – it was expected. It made total sense. Devastating as it was (and it was soooooooo devastating and so so SOOOO sad!) , he lost his battle against cancer. Though I don’t understand why writers think it’s a great idea for the characters to isolate themselves to die alone like a wounded animal (I think cats do this). Humans usually want to have their loved ones around to give them support and that could be the factor that makes the difference for a positive outcome (like battling cancer). But no, Jun did not want to have Ra Ra with him. And even at this point, I was like, yeah, if he is only 19 and “underage,” then it wouldn’t be up to him, it would be up to his parents to allow Ra Ra to be with him through the trial. So that was still okay. Sad but okay.
    Now, can someone tell me what the heck happened in the last few moments of the last episode? Why is Jun back?! We had all let him go – characters and viewers alike had already shed enough tears to let Jun go and rest in peace, thinking, Ra Ra would probably end up a loner for the rest of her life, reminiscing of Jun and never able to find anyone even close to rising up to the occasion, so why the cruelty? As much as I wanted Jun to live on, why bring him back from the dead like that, without an explanation???!!! How can the writers play with the character’s hearts and feelings like that? How about the audience? How was this polite to the audience? I read all the comments on this post and most of them make sense from the commenter’s view. All points are valid, but even the ones that justify the ending as “Jun did not want to hurt Ra Ra” and “Jun was a ghost” and “Ra Ra went mad” or “Ra Ra was dreaming,” do not have any supportive evidence of being true. Like I would have loooved to watched the alternative endings most commenters here have proposed – kudos to them! They are much better writers than the writer of this script. I was so shocked and disappointed and sad at the ending because it gave me a feeling of having wasted my time…when really, the drama was so good and the characters were so warm and likeable, and yes, even the side stories made me feel happy – why was the ending butchered so horribly? And this last question, my friends, is the $1Million dollar question…why are the endings in Korean dramas butchered so badly? Maybe they should really rethink their whole writing-the-script-as-they-film idea. I still like watching Kdramas (well, Taiwanese and Chinese as well) but I felt so devastated with this ending that I felt like writing this huge litany for whoever has the time to read it or cares to know a stranger’s thoughts LOL Cheer up people, this is not the first bad ending and history tells us it will not be the last, but we will continue to seek that one drama with a perfect ending that will remain in our hearts forever! Thanks for reading and helping me dispel my frustration!

  20. Just finished watching a couple of days ago and was very upset by the ending. After reading through these comments it has helped me comes to terms with the horrible ending and realize to be thankful for the journey and try to forget about the last couple of episodes. The ending in my mind will be that he broke up with her to save her from the struggle of being by his side while he was sick and she never thought he was dead, just went on teaching and living a full life.

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