Disney+ “Vigilante” Ending Explained- Is Season 2 coming Soon?

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Disney+ “Vigilante” dropped its finale a couple of hours ago, let us go through it and explain the ending!

Disney+ “Vigilante” episode 8 recap

The episode begins with a kidnapped Mi-Ryeo being tortured by her captives. They keep torturing her and asking her to name the vigilante but she says she doesn’t know.

Gang-Ok soon finds out and alerts Ji-Yong. The two then raid a place where all the wallets for the alt coin are and take it for themselves. Ji Yong makes a guy talk on the phone with Kim Sam-Doo telling him to hand in Mi-Ryeo and take the wallets or else.

Kim Sam-Doo calls the man who held Mi-Ryeo captive and makes a deal. Each one will now try to kill the other.

Min Seon-Wook sees Ji Yong talking to Gang-Ok and basically lets him know he knows he’s the vigilante and tells him its not too late.

After waking up, Jo Heon goes back to his two held captives and gives them a mission.

The meetup is at a stadium but when Kim Sam-Doo arrives, he realizes everyone is dressed like the vigilante making it difficult for them to recognize him. everyone else then arrives at the scene by night.

Mi-Ryeo gets escorted by one of the men who held her captive while the other is on the lookout for him. Ji Yong ends up snatching her away successfully and tells her to stream it live. Min Seon-Wook also shows up.

Gang-Ok also takes the stand and begins fighting all the gangsters Kim Sam-Doo sent, eventually, everyone ends up near a bus and a huge fight erupts while Mi-Ryeo is filming them.

Jo Heon finds out so he takes the two people he held captive and goes there, he ends up running over one of the men who kidnapped Mi-Ryeo. He asks everyone to drop their weapons or else he won’t treat them as human. Uhm Jae-Hyeob finds out and is told to fix the situation so he goes there too.

The gangs keep trying to get to Mi-Ryeo to tell her to stop streaming while one of her kidnappers tries to stab Ji Yong. Eventually, he stabs someone but it turns out to be Ji Yong’s friend Min Seon-Wook.

He tells him he believes what he’s doing is right, Ji Yong ends up escaping and Jo Heon follows the vigilante as police arrive at the scene.

In the end, Ji Yong, the kidnapper, Jo Heon and Kim Sam-Doo are trapped in one place. Ji Yong beats the crap out of Kim Sam-Doo until Uhm Jae-Hyeob shows up, he shoots him dead.

He tries to shoot the rest but the gun isn’t loaded, so he opens the water on them while they’re trapped inside the gates. They all make a run for it.

Eventually, Ji Yong gets to Uhm Jae-Hyeob and beats him badly, Jo Heon stops him and tells him he’ll punish him and prove to him that even if the law isn’t consistent, it can still punish people like him.

While all the four men are up there fighting on the rails, Uhm Jae-Hyeob gets up shoots Ji Yong and Jo Heon [who is wearing a vest]. Then the kidnapper turns to Ji Yong and tries to kill him but he turns his knife on him and kills him.

Ji Yong ends up collapsing there while Jo Heon looks at him.

At the police station, Mi-Ryeo says Min Seon-Wook was the vigilante and he died at the scene. The police chose to believe her and set her free.

Gang-Ok wakes up but his righthand man has taken care of a lot of things. Gang-Ok sees who’s been framed as the vigilante and says this is a chance to restart and punish people again with Ji Yong. The right hand man protests, and Gang-Ok promises to cool it off for a minute.

At his gravesite, Ji Yong visits his friend, he’s somberly staring at a photo of them together. Jo Heon and Mi-Ryeo watch him from afar. Mi-Ryeo goes about justice and what would’ve happened if Ji Yong was revealed as the vigilante. She then tells Jo Heon they now have something in common and calls him a vigilante too.

She tells him he can’t disappear just yet. He looks at her and then takes off.

On the news, we find out that somehow Uhm Jae-Hyeob also died and he’s now being framed as a good police officer who was always chasing the bad guys. Ji Yong sees this and is furious.

At the graduation ceremony, Ji Yong is present, as they say the oath, he doesn’t swear with them or greet his sunbaes. He stares intently and is angry, his professor can see him from afar.

The end.

Disney+ “Vigilante” ending explained- FAQ

Did you like the Disney+ “Vigilante” ending?

Disney+ “Vigilante” ending- review

I AM FURIOUS, nothing changed, NOTHING! My blood is boiling almost as much as Ji Yong’s.

It actually tracks well with how the show has been progressing. I’ve said before that I thought something bad was going to happen to Ji Yong’s friend and I was right.

This must be a huge shock to Ji Yong, his good friend died like that, in a way, in death he saved him, but the poor guy died so young.

I want to know how Uhm Jae-Hyeob died, because it didn’t seem like he was killed at that scene, did they take care of him? what happened?

The dude came in blasting his gun, truly scary how government officials think they rule and to an extent, its much easier for them to commit crimes that way than it would for the average joe.

I liked the drama, a lot. Definitely one of the highlights of 2023. Loved Joon Hyuk as Gang-Ok. Joo Hyuk’s anger as Ji Yong was so understandable and, in a way, very heartbreaking.

Would love a 2nd season of this drama. Hope it happens.

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