“Death’s Game” Part 1 Ending Explained- Ep 4 Recap And Review

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TVING’s newest series “Death’s Game” has aired its first part earlier today, here is a recap of the 1st part and its ending explained!

“Death’s Game” episode 4 recap

The episode begins with Yee-Jae having been reincarnated into a baby, he is at a café. His mom picks him up as he begins crying, then as she gets into the car. She begins yelling at him for ‘ruining’ her day.

Later, the father arrives and even feeds the baby expired food. Then, police show up to check up on the child after they were reported to police. However, police stops after the father says he works with child protective services.

Just moments after they leave, the mother yells and ends up choking the child, killing him.

He fights with death saying its unfair after he gets back, and then rushes her to shoot him.

When he wakes up, he’s inside another body, that of Jang Gun-Woo [Lee Do Hyun], he’s a young model in his 20s. he retrieves the money in the nick of time and returns home, he then finds out he’s rich in this life and well off.

His friend urges him to come party, and he does so. However, he’s a lightdrinker. CEO Park Tae-Woo is introduced and he’s told if he gets on his good side, he can model for his group. He even shakes his hands and Gun-Woo asks if he’s ever ran into him.

The next day, his brother tells him to help out at the café. And as he does so, his past girlfriend Lee Ji-Su shows up, he had wanted to leave overseas tomorrow but those plans change when he sees her.

He recalls how he fell for her in his past life. He then finds out she comes to this café often to write, she’s now a writer and even won an award recently, it was the same award and envelope she gave him that fateful night.

He then begins reading her book and finds that some of it was based on their real life romance. How he said he wouldn’t let her go and how she stuck by his side and never felt ashamed of him.

He also recalls how she looked at a fountain pen and he got it for her as a present because she became a writer, he never got to give it to her. But we find out her mother gave it to her after his passing.

Gun-Woo then tells Ji-Su he’s a fan of her and tells her he has this idea he needs to develop into a novel. She listens to him. he re-tells his story with death and the 12 lives.

Then he begins meeting her daily and telling her fragments of the story, one day she asks why the male lead is not visiting his mother, he says he doesn’t have the confidence to face her, he can’t stand it because it’d be too painful.

When they finish talking and she leaves, it begins to rain, so he gives her an umbrella. As he gets back, he overhears people talking about a woman who died in a car accident and sees the police cars. He rushes to see if its her, luckily, its not.

He lies and says he thought the person he died was someone he knew. She tells him its ok and she understands how he feels since she felt the same about someone, she recalls how she cried when finding out about Yee Jae’s death.

When he asks if she’s better, she says not yet. When he wants to meet tomorrow, she says he reminds her of something painful and she cannot come. She visits Yee Jae’s grave the next day and he watches from afar.

He then sees his mother, he watches her from afar also collapsing crying for her son. He balls his eyes out too.

He decides to gift the money he stole to his mom disguising it as winnings of his own.

On another night, he’s walking Ji Su home and decides to come clean and tell her as he’s afraid of death coming to him again. He recalls the woman he loved dearly which reminds her a lot of her and Yee Jae. He says its him, she’s shocked, before she’s able to react much while crying, they’re both hit by a car.

Ji Su dies on impact and her neck gets twisted, he on the other hand is not dead yet. A man gets out of the car and its CEO Park Tae-Woo who turns out to be connected some way or another to all the deaths he’s gone through.

CEO Park Tae-Woo sees he’s alive and kills him.

When he wakes up, he’s angry, he’s crying, he asks death if she’s enjoying this as he points the same gun in her head.

The end.

“Death’s Game” part 1 ending explained- FAQ

Did you like “Death’s Game” ending?

“Death’s Game” ending- review

Wow! That was INTENSE! Omg, loved every minute of the 1st part.

I have been anticipating this drama for some time now purely because of the lineup and when I say this did not disappoint, it DIDN’T.

The ending is so intense and so emotional, its gonna be rough waiting until January of 2024 to see the 2nd part, but I am excited as it gives me time to soak in everything that just happened.

Can’t wait for part 2.

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