“Castaway Diva” Ending Explained- Episode 12 Recap

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tvN’s Castaway Diva has come to an end, let us discus the drama and explain its ending!

Castaway Diva episode 12 recap

The episode begins with Woohak crying begging for doctors to save his dad’s life; he alerted his family who rush for his help

Police rush to Bong WAN’s place and find he’s committed suicide. He left a letter after hurting their father and admitted to it, in the letter he says they would not be able to escape and they will always be attached to his name.

The sons then identify the body of the father who is buried and it says he is not succeeded by anyone.

Sang Doo is in a comma because of the attack. But everybody is there speaking to him begging he’d wake up, he then wakes up when his wife is crying by his bedside there. 

Mok Ha takes a part time job to provide for the family after what happened. However, both sons ends up getting back their jobs at the company. 

Mok Ha is hard at work in the company too when they find out that the CEO switched her songs. Mo Rae now got Mok Ha’s song. They protest and are upset. Ran Joo goes to see him at home, he’s a bit sick. She then scolds him for the Japanese album shares, he says her mom tore the paper and he put it back together.

Turns out that the mother wanted her daughter to remain as a singer not become a CEO of an agency. He then says if Mok Ha’s song fails to make it to no. 1 after switching, he’d quit. He then says if they doesn’t like the song, he’ll also quit. 

Mok Ha argues with Mo Rae but after they both listen to each other’s songs. They both like the other songs better. 

At a dinner with Woo Hak, Mok Ha gives him money, he says she should keep it but he says they got back their jobs, she then asks him to give it to Bo Geol for the rent of the apartment she’s staying at. At home, Woo Hak scolds his brother for not talking about it and talking about how much he cares for her. He says he might regret it. 

The parents reopen their saloon and people come by. Mok Ha is also there to help out

At night, Bo Geol sees Mok Ha writing her journal, they talk and he finds out she’s known of how hard he tried to find her. She believes its fate that brought them back together.

After both songs debut of the singers, Mo Rae’s comes out on top while Mok Ha doesn’t do as well. Young Gwan asks then for his position to change, he wants to move to MOk Ha’s team. 

Ran Joo is upset at the situation, but Mok Ha is happy and her song is slowly climbing up the charts. She then books a Gig in a gym. She sings with all her heart for the people at the small gym.

After some time, we see how the family is doing well. Bo Geol and Mok Ha are dating happily and she insists on taking photos as  as possible while they’re eating. 

The end. 

Castaway Diva ending explained- FAQ

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