“Behind Your Touch” Finale And Ending Explained- Episode 16 Recap And Review

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Behind Your Touch” has concluded its run earlier today, here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained!

“Behind Your Touch” episode 16 recap

Ye Bun parges into the police station and yells at Shaman Park to tell her where Ok Hui is. They then device a plan to pretend she’s threatening to kill him so Jang-Yeol can drive them away and so the shaman will tell them where the friend is.

Once they drive away into a secluded place and lose the police, the gang Jang-Yeol struggled with shows up and beats him badly. Shaman Park then meets with the gangster who tells him he needs to pay over $20,000 to take the boat to China. He refuses to do so and proceeds to reveal his past and what he’s been up to. He then tells him another woman like him has powers but she must touch butts.

He goes there to confirm it and has the boys take Jang-Yeol as well. With her powers, she escapes and comes to his rescue. He then beats all the gangsters up and finds out where the boat is.

The police team spread to find Ok Hui but they’re failing, just then, police shows up and tells them to say where Jang-Yeol is. They refuse and Ok Hui’s squad comes to her rescue.

Kim Yong-Myeong, the man who always says unni, talks to Ye Bun on the phone and tells her to focus on the sounds so they could find her. After a while of recalling the events she saw, they’re able to locate her and save her.

They come to the boat guy and ask him to call them once the Shaman shows up. The next morning when he does show up, he’s very persistent and intelligent, he makes sure to inspect his surroundings looking into people’s eyes. He finds out its suspicious so he ditches the boat and escapes.

He then withdraws money and hijacks a house, he wants to leave the country but the team is on his trail. The team finds him and he then takes the chance to trick Ye Bun and threaten her with a knife.

He takes her hostage as Jang-Yeol tracks them. Jang-Yeol bluffs his way saying he has a superpower too confusing the shaman who looks into his eyes, he gets distracted and Ye Bun escapes, he then beats up the man and arrest him.

After everything got taken care of, Won Jong-Muk proposes to Jung Hyeon-Ok, they’ll get married next month.

At the bus station, the team then says goodbye to Jang-Yeol who is leaving at last. He keeps waiting for Ye Bun and misses his bus as a result. The two sit down and talk, she talks about her grand plans, he then asks ‘what about me?’ and wonders once she accomplishes that, will she have time to see him and maybe they can get together. she gets shy.

8 months later

Ye Bun is now on shows as a dog whisperer. She’s making a name for herself. Ok Hui drives her around Seoul after her schedule and she talks about how she hadn’t had time to breath.

Ok Hui then gets a call from her boyfriend who is the unni guy. They’re happily dating.

Ye Bun goes to Seoul’s police station to meet Jang-Yeol, but she wears neon lipstick that glows in the dark. They meet and talk, but he’s very busy and gets interrupted. She asks if she can help him and if she does, will they have more time for ‘each other,’ he’s intrigued but at first refuses her offer.

Eventually, he agrees and she enters jail as an informant to touch a drug lord’s butt to get information. She bullies her and makes her do stuff for her. They then play a football match and because they’re losing because of Ye Bun, she’s about to get hit. Jang-Yeol interferes and protects her as a guard. He asks about progress and she gives him information, he tells her its time they leave and go out on dates and such.

The woman is not pleased with the couple so she and her gang chase after them, they both run away.

The end.

“Behind Your Touch” ending explained- FAQ

Who is the serial killer in “Behind Your Touch”? why did he kill those people?

Who is the serial killer in “Behind Your Touch”? why did he kill those people?

Who killed Seon Woo in “Behind Your Touch”?

It was Shaman Park, he killed him because he was onto him.

Does “Behind Your Touch” have a happy ending?

Yes, it does.

How does “Behind Your Touch” end?

It ends with Jang-Yeol stopping a woman from beating up Ye Bun in prison because they’re losing a football match. The woman and her followers chase after them as they run away.

Did Jang-Yeol and Ye Bun end up dating?

Yes, they do end up dating.

Did you like “Behind Your Touch” ending?

“Behind Your Touch” episode 16 review

That was an ending that felt too long for its own good and not in a satisfactory way. Its as if the writing needed more time to come together.

I was initially worried this drama would be too long for the material its supposed to discuss, and sadly, I was right. Its simultaneously draggy and frustrating.

There are many areas in the writing that felt very dumb even with the suspension of disbelief. Suspension of disbelief might work in some works but not this one because you do want people to speculate and suspect everyone which means they’d look for clues, and concentrate harder than they normally could to figure out the killer, but then, the screenwriter glosses over or ignores certain points they would have used in the past simply because it serves to drag the plot and fill up the episodes count.

Which takes me back to why I said the longer you allow ideas that are not meant to be long to drag, the worse the outcome becomes.

I get it, it’s the broadcasting requirements and this drama did well so in a sense, I am happy for everyone involved.

I think this drama could’ve have been at least 50 times better with more concise writing. This could’ve been a huge gem and for so many reasons. Imagine if it was produced by Netflix.

My personal least favorite parts of the ending included the non-inclusion of the remaining police force that made sure he sort of got away with stabbing even more innocent people and potentially endangering even more.

Having said this, I loved the performances and the humor of the drama. It was best when it was light, and it got pretty dark because these days, its often VERY rare to find genuine rom-coms Kdramas with no fantasy or thriller attached to it.

The last 10 minutes or so of the ending felt very unnecessary, we could’ve gotten a better ending with the couple dating and getting to know each other romantically and such instead of what the ending was.

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