“Because This Is My First Life” Episode 1 Review And Recap

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“Because Its My First Life” is the new tvN drama taking over the timeslot previously occupied by “Argon,” tvN promoted it as the new rom-com all kdrama fans should be looking forward to.

But is it really worth your time? Lets talk about the first episode.

One thing is for sure, it didn’t meet my expectations as I thought it would be.

When I first heard of the cast news I was happy that Lee Min Ki was returning to the small screen. I watched almost all of his movies and he’s an exceptional actor to say the least.

I expected he’d choose an interesting script to come back with, this is very very disappointing. It is way below his level of talent; it’s a waste of his time and whoever tends on watching.

The script tells a very stereotypical story of a man and woman somehow moving in together in the same house, they fall in love and get entangled in many events. There is nothing original about the base story.

I thought the writer would attempt to toy around with the original concept or switch things up, spoiler alert he isn’t even trying.

All the characters in the drama (so far) are very cliché. They’re boring and there is nothing unique about them at all. Nam Se Hee is your typical nerd character who is socially awkward and bluntly honest. Such characters are usually obsessive and as expected he is, he likes everything around him to be clean, loves recycling and has a weird obsession with his cat.

Yoo Ji Ho is your typical kdrama female lead. She is nice, outgoing, bright, and responsible, such character is either working part time jobs (like we’ll see in Byun Hyuk’s love another upcoming tvN drama) or someone who can’t hold a job.

Her family is unware of her existence to say the least, for some reason they hide the fact that her brother married someone and his wife is pregnant for 4 months from her.

For starters it doesn’t make any sense, unless he just registered his marriage with a girl without having a ceremony, there was no way she wasn’t going to find out.

Besides, its common curtesy to tell your family members of whats going on in the family, its better than the shock and the embarrassing scene we all had to go through because of this.

The story is way too similar to another Monday-Tuesday drama “Temperature of Love,” which also tells the story of a struggling aspiring writer. I chuckled when I saw the same senior writer play the same character in both dramas; I was like “What the fuck?” … At least “Temperature of Love” characters are all very likeable and adorable.

The drama does have light humor moments, some very awkward moments that’ll make you cringe, and twist your hands and arms a couple of times.

The two don’t have good chemistry together. They’re okay, but it feels like they’re not on the same wavelength, it’ll be hard to ship them.

To be also honest with you, I can’t tell whether Lee Min Ki is purposefully making the mood awkward for the sake of the kdrama progress or whether he’s most definitely not into it.

In regards to the kiss, which btw took 16 takes to perfect; they didn’t even bother show it right. They just glossed over it like it was nothing, which probably means they were not so impressed with the outcome.

The kiss scene was so short and not seen from many angles as you’d expect from a kdrama stand point of view. It was useless!

I don’t understand the reason or logic behind the kiss, I do understand where the writer is going with it, but I wished there would’ve been a better setup for it. Not just a random woman who met a man in a bar and suddenly leaned in for a kiss out of nowhere which is basically sexual harassment! (Imagine if some guy did that to a girl… the kdrama community would have rioted)

I doubt I’d watch more episodes of this drama. By no mean I imply that its outwardly bad, but its just below average. It isn’t bad and I know one episode doesn’t really make or break a kdrama for me, but as far as I’ve seen there is just nothing to tune in to, no reason.

I might give the second episode a try, I will review it if I do, then I will give my final verdict.

What did you guys think of the first episode? Did you like it? How much would you rate it out of 10?

PS: Do Joon’s cameo was the best part of the first episode, it was also the funniest!

By Jass K.

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  1. I agree, it’s very good. It’s different even with the cliche’s. I don’t think this reviewer gets it. Also, Lee Min Ki is changing as the story goes. It’s subtle. This story is different and real.

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