“A Bloody Lucky Day” Ending Explained- Episode 10 Recap And Review

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TVING’s “A Bloody Lucky Day” has recently wrapped up its run, let us discuss its very shocking ending!

“A Bloody Lucky Day” episode 10 recap

The episode begins with Sena waking up and finding Chaeri who is still barely alive. Lee Byeongmin rushes there to see what happened, he wakes Chaeri up but then gets a call from his in-law, his wife is gone.

He then gets a call from her number, Oh Taek picks up and tells him he should confess his crimes, he refuses to, he tells him unless he brings him both girls alive, he will kill his wife and their son.

Lee Byeongmin pours gas on Chaeri and plans on burning them, but they both fight back and Sena threatens to burn him and her, he doubts she can but she actually throws a light and ignites fire in that place, he escapes and chases after the girls who run for their lives. As he gets closer, both girls fall in deep and he sees it, he fears they have both now died.

The police come for Chaeri’s father and ask to see CCTV after being told Lee Byeongmin was there. Because Oh Taek called, police now is at their place and tapping the phone, he asks if Chaeri came back and he’s told no. so he fears the worst, he’s actually killed her. He then tells her father that, who collapses on the floor.

Oh Taek is tired and extremely angry and sad, he tells the wife he has to kill her, so he begins pushing the car she’s inside to the river to drown her.

Oh Taek then comes face to face with Byeongmin who went back to the place that burned, police also figured out where he could be and are chasing him there. Oh Taek says he killed his wife and the two begin fighting, both want to kill each other. Oh Taek gets stabbed and then plays his daughter’s recording in front of him belittling him even more. He then puts him into a chockhold and squeezes at his eyes blinding him. he begins to also stab him as he tries to run away.

The detective arrives and begs him to stop, but he won’t until his son shows up and begs his father to stop, too. He does that until Byeongmin begins taunting him and laughing about how much of a coward he is. He ends up jumping from the building into the ground with both of them. Both get badly hurt.

At the hospital, Byeongmin’s wife wakes up, both her and the baby are fine. We find out that Oh Taek couldn’t kill her and let her go, she told him where Byeongmin could be and led him to go see him.

Chaeri and Sena who were thought to have died are discovered and they’re fine.

When Oh Taek wakes up from his sleep, his son tells him that she’s alive. He looks up thanking God and cries his eyes out.

At the court, its Byeongmin’s sentencing date. He’s haggard and badly injured from the fall and now blind too. The judge does not accept his insanity plea and sentences him to death. He laughs but reacts poorly to it and is led away by police.

Chaeri gives birth to their daughter around the same time as the trial.

The mother of Byeongmin arranges to see her son. She offers him a cake. He smells it and refuses to eat it, he then takes off his glasses and tells her its cheating to poison him. she denies it and leaves.

A few years later

Oh Taek is released from jail after serving his sentence. He’s reunited with his grand-daughter and even cries seeing them all at the beach.

The final scene shows him driving around a taxi again, he’s happy this time. He imagines Hwang Soon-Kyu and her son in the back of his taxi laughing and imagines his wife and daughter also enjoying beer out and about. He smiles as he drives around.

The end.

“A Bloody Lucky Day” ending explained- FAQ

“A Bloody Lucky Day” ending review

That was one intense ride, all in all, one of the best thrillers of 2023. And I’d say one of the best kdramas I have seen this year. Truly marvelous.

Might have not made sense at times, but for a binge, it was everything.

Both Lee Sung Min and Yoo Yeon-Seok deserve nominations for their roles here. Both were absolutely marvelous. Yoo Yeon-Seok as the villain is amazing, I hated Lee Byeongmin’s guts and wanted him dead, but I do think this is more humiliating of an ending to him. getting exposed, not being able to see his son, and handed the death sentence. Also, he’s now blind. Total karma, deserved.

While Oh Taek did cause the death of a bunch of people, I always rooted for him. he was under duress, now whether you believe this is an excuse or not is up to you, but its not easy saying no if you fear for your child’s life.

Many parts of the story were REALLY darn clever, the execution was flimsy at certain plot points, but the main points execution was done amazing, which is what matters to me.

The biggest thing I didn’t like about “A Bloody Lucky Day” was the rollout. I don’t understand what tvN and TVING are doing, seriously. Such messy rollout, it airs here, then there, and its all over the place. TVING releases in parts, then tvN airs, then the other part is released, but its still airing on tvN….

Had to wait for it to finish to see what the deal was. Overall, this year, TVING has been all over the place. They have great ideas and dramas, but pick a lane, either release it on cable or streaming, you’re confusing people with your approach.

I get it, it feels like a waste to just release it to streaming, but they need to be more decisive.

I really enjoyed “A Bloody Lucky Day”! thanks to all the cast and crew members for their hard work.

so what did you guys think of “A Bloody Lucky Day” ending?

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