“The Escape Of The Seven” Episodes 7 And 8 Delay Release Dates, Here Is When They’ll Air Instead

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The Escape Of The Seven” is not airing any new episodes this week!

Currently, the Asian Games will come to a close this weekend and various dramas and TV shows will not air as per normal schedule due to coverage of the games.

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As a result, “The Escape Of The Seven” episodes 7 and 8 will not be airing this week. Instead, both episodes have been pushed back to next week.

When will “The Escape Of The Seven” episode 7 air?

Accordingly, “The Escape Of The Seven” 7th episode will air on Friday, October 13.

When will “The Escape Of The Seven” episode 8 air?

Accordingly, “The Escape Of The Seven” 8th episode will air on Saturday, October 14.

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  1. Ughhhh i really hate this when I’m waiting all week just to watch this drama now it’s delay??!! There is no kdrama i am watching right now and this is the only one that is good to me but I’m glad that there will be a new kdrama be release on oct 11 which is cha eun woo drama so excited for that ,anyways,that’s why there is no episode update yesterday becuase of that event!!!!!!! They better update 4 episodes next week!!!

  2. Thats why I was wondering what happen why it was not updating because as far as I know it should be every friday I keep on checking everyday and it get me so frustrated why it was not airing now I know huhuhu so sad I’m already excited to see the ep7 it’s so crazy to wait another week for it to get aired again. So disappointed!

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