“My Sassy Girl” Last Episode Ends In First Place, “The Kings Love” Follows Behind

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“My Sassy Girl” has aired its final episode this week and as expected came in at the top spot.

After “Fight My Way” wrapped up its final episode last week, “My Sassy Girl” was still tailing behind in the second place, after the drama is gone it took over the first place with impressive ratings.

“My Sassy Girl” ended on a happy note, and according to Nielsen Korea the 39th and 40th episodes rated 9.6% and 11.4% respectively.

The heroes Joo Won and Oh Yeon Seo end up reunited together in the last episode and the drama ended happily.

Meanwhile, the new MBC drama “The Kings Love” came in second place with 5.1% and 6%.

KBS2 highly anticipated school drama series “School 2017” came in last place with 4.2%

“My Sassy Girl” will be replaced with “Falsify” the new Min Nam Goong drama airing next week in the same time slot.

Which drama have you been following lately? Do you think “My Sassy Girl” deserved the first place?

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My Reaction

Oh well! I expected “School 2017” to do better, it’s a popular series, I expected that it would do a lot better, and “The Kings Love” ratings are not that good either.

I haven’t watched either “The Kings Love” or “School 2017” yet. I am planning on reviewing both dramas and watching the first two episodes but I guess no one can really take “Fight My Way” spot or do as good.

“Fight My Way” did pretty well and has impressive rating numbers such as 12 and 14%.

The review for the first two episodes of “The Kings Love” and “School 2017” will be out this week I hope!

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