Red Velvet Joy’s Upcoming Drama Confirms Premiere Date With First Stills

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Red Velvet Joy’s upcoming drama released its first stills confirming the premiere date.

Actress Park Soo Young aka Red Velvet Joy of Kakao TV’s original ” Accidental Countryside Diary” will splendor appearance and transform again.

Accidental Countryside Diary” is a rural romance comedy drama about Ahn Ja Young played by Park Soo Young, a police officer in the region, and Han Ji Yul Played by Chu Young Woo, a veterinarian who dreams of escaping from Heedong-ri as soon as possible.

Park Soo Young will make a new transformation by playing Ahn Ja Young, a police officer who always appears when something happens in Heedong-ri. As a self-proclaimed civil service center expert and representative troubleshooter in Heedong-ri, Ahn Sun Kyung appears everywhere and is an expert in everything, be it repairing, farming or decent technology use. So the moment she appears, peace seems to find the village. She is not only daring but also good in social skills, so there is no one who do not ask for help from her or people who hate her, that’s why she is called Heedong-ri’s “Sweet Insider.”

Just by looking at the released photo, you can see why Ja young is loved by residents. She helps in equipping even bicycles to go anywhere to dispatch things at all times. The worried eyes of the village grandmother while hugging her shoulders show 100% empathy.

A brave and bright smile adds refreshing energy to Heedong-ri, which is full of green light. Park Soo Young, who perfectly pulled off the police uniform as if she was wearing customized clothes, showed off her charm with a fresh eye smile.

The production team said, “Park Soo Young showed a better-than-expected synchronization with the character, and all the staff was surprised. The unique fresh and lovely image even created a fresh synergy. “Please look forward to Park Soo Young’s acting transformation,” the team said, increasing the expectations.

“Accidental Countryside Diary” will be produced as a 12 episodes drama and will be released for the first time on Kakao TV on September 5.

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